Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Acknowledges He Runs the MTA, Doesn’t Know How (NYT, 2ASVoice, GothamistPost, News)
  • Cuomo Wants to Merge Penn, Farley, and Gateway Projects Under State Control (Post, NY1)
  • NJ Transit Morris & Essex Line Will Be Rerouted From Penn to Hoboken This Summer (NYT)
  • Relax Everyone, Cuomo Is Forming a Penn Station Task Force (Politico@MarketUrbanism)
  • M79 Select Bus Service Goes Live (Patch)
  • Here’s the RPA’s 7-Point Plan to Fix the Subways
  • As City Considers Bollards, Former DOT Official Says Ban Cars From Times Square (NYT)
  • DOT Plans Protected Contraflow Bike Lane on Jay Street in DUMBO (Bklyn Paper)
  • Driver Injures 1-Year-Old in Greenpoint; NYPD, News: Toddler “Broke Free” From Mother
  • Victims Recovering From Times Square Attack (DNA) and Greenpoint Cyclist Strike (DNA)
  • Uber Owes Tens of Millions to New York Drivers, and Maybe a Lot More (NYT)
  • Aaron Naparstek Brings Honku to The Moth

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  • qrt145

    Speaking of Times Square bollards, one unfortunate consequence of the attack last week is that the new raised bike lane on 7th Ave is now filled with jersey barriers, making it essentially unusable. The width of the bike lane is greatly reduced, and while it is still possible in principle to squeeze by on a bike, it’s not really practical because what remains of the bike lane has now truly turned into a sidewalk extension (making things worse, it’s not easy to leave the bike lane in the middle of the block when it’s clogged with pedestrians anymore.)

  • Elizabeth F

    That’s right… in an effort to “protect” us, NYPD has placed bikers in greater danger. Don’t be surprised if they start handing out tickets for biking not in the bike lane, after some biker gets run over by a truck.

    On the other hand, the Times Square bike lane is blocked about 1/2 the time I try to use it anyway. NYPD frequently has one “excuse” or another…

  • Boris

    As has been pointed out before, we have a great example of a major train station that IS controlled by the state – Grand Central Terminal – and yet two agencies that supposedly report to the same boss (the governor) couldn’t agree on a plan to share track space within the world’s largest train station, leading to the construction of the world’s most expensive (and most unnecessary) transit project ever, East Side Access!

    If there was ever an example as to why letting Cuomo control Penn Station won’t necessarily solve Penn Station’s problems, it’s this one.

  • Vooch

    “…“For a place like that, which is so highly prominent, I think you probably have to take a similar view that people take toward the World Trade Center site, which is that there shouldn’t be cars running through Times Square — period,” said Margaret Newman, a former chief of staff at the city’s Department of Transportation. ..”

    I ?? Margret Newman

  • HamTech87

    Amazing how much ink is devoted to the re-routing of the NJ Transit Morris & Essex line. It has about the same number of riders as the M79 and M86, who endured long delays for years with little commentary.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Cuomo’s MTA plan: “One Million Dollars!”

  • AnoNYC

    Can you take a pic and send a tweet to the DOT?

  • qrt145

    I don’t tweet, but here’s a photo for anyone who is interested. Taken yesterday around 5:30 pm between 45th and 46th St.

    (Sorry, it looks rotated when I upload it, but it looks OK when I open it in my computer!)