Today’s Headlines

  • How to Get Away With Murder in NYC — Do It With a Car (Voice)
  • Penn Station Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better (NYT, Post)
  • Tuesday Evening Commute Was a Mess (Post, NY1)
  • Judge Blocks Trump Attack on Sanctuary Cities (NYT); Ruling Could Be Moot? (Politico)
  • MTA Not Doing Enough to Improve Accessibility, Says Class Action Suit (NYT)
  • M79 Select Bus Launch Postponed (DNA)
  • Advos Hope de Blasio Greenway Project Signals Parks Boost (Politico); More: NYT, DNA
  • Politico Takes Stock of Rezoning Setbacks and Successes; East Harlem Plan Revealed (DNA)
  • NYPD Issuing More Speeding Tickets in Staten Island Compared to Last Year (Advance)
  • Speed Enforcement Truther Nicole Malliotakis Files to Run for Mayor (NYT, Politico)
  • As We Were Saying … (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    There is no doubt Penn Station will get worse, but who says it will get better?

    The richest and most entitled generations in U.S. history are moving into old age, having left the country with a massive public and private debt load, an inadequately maintained infrastructure, underfunded and retroactively increased pensions, and a host of off the books contingent liabilities.

    And now the cost of their old age benefits is starting to soar. And their richer members still want their taxes cut, as their most politically powerful members still want more senior tax exemptions and pension increases.

    What is happening is the result of 35 years of decisions to sell of the future for the party of the past. The Penn Station situation is associated with federal tax cuts, New Jersey tax cuts, and higher spending on other things over decades. But (for the moment) federal taxes have already been increased, and New Jersey is not a low tax state anymore. Even at that, and with all the budget cuts, the present is still being bailed out at the expense of the future.

    What will be left when Generation Greed has passed on? Heck, if this is what the situation is at an economic peak in one of the most prosperous parts of the U.S., what will happen in the next recession?

  • Jesse

    After years of reading these comments, I’ve definitely decided to make sure my parents sign a DNR so I can pull the plug ASAP.

  • djx

    Read the Voice piece. Full of amazing stuff which most of us knew, but appears in sharp focus. Such as “There were more than 3,000 crashes causing serious injury or death last year, but CIS, which has fewer than thirty officers, investigated only 369 of them. Everything else gets handled by local precincts, “

  • Larry Littlefield

    Read the post, follow the links and look at the data and you may find yourself considering a DNR yourself.

    At least on the transportation front I’ve found a work around. Biking from work and working from home.

    My wife signed up for Citibike and may start biking up to Grand Army Plaza, about a mile away, to take the 2/3 and avoid the F train, as bad as its been.

    We’re left with adaptations.

  • Hilda

    A reminder that Malliotakis is the woman that claims she bikes at 21mph.