Today’s Headlines

  • Looks Like Cuomo Will Soon Be in Charge of the Port Authority (Politico)
  • Transit Champion Chris Christie Still Huffing and Puffing About Amtrak (Politico)
  • Watchdog Groups Contest NYPD Body Camera Policies (Politico)
  • Motorist Severely Injures Person Walking on Fourth Avenue in Sunset Park (DNA)
  • What It’s Like to Depend on Buses in the Northwest Bronx (Press)
  • Brooklyn Spoke on the Necessity of Good Transit and Bikeways for an Affordable City
  • Staten Island EDC Contracts Gondolamania (AdvanceWNYC)
  • The 7 Train Doesn’t Seem a Day Over 99 (NY1)
  • Brooklynites Overjoyed to Have Squibb Park Bridge Back (Bklyn Paper)
  • Ginia Bellafante Wrote About a New Jane Jacobs Documentary (NYT); Also: Voice
  • Bike Snob Has a Roundup of Earth Day Car-Free Festivities (TransAlt)

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  • stairbob

    Last night I biked by someone waiting for the B69 bus in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. She was looking at her watch and leaning out to look for the bus. This is a bus that is scheduled every 15 minutes during the week (30 on weekends) and I thought to myself, “Too bad this isn’t Amsterdam.” There are just so many people who could get around so much more easily (and more cheaply) if bicycling felt safer and normal and if we weren’t dedicating so much of our public space to motor vehicles.

  • Elizabeth F

    Not sure what I think of Cuomo’s tightening of grip on the PA. I suppose the takeaway message is that Christie’s corrupt criminal activities have a real and negative impact on the lives of his constituents. Unfortunately, I think the greater NY region needs a new bus terminal more than it needs an AirTrain to LGA.

  • kevd

    Wow. When looking for batsh*t crazy commenters, look nor further than the Brooklyn Paper! We should seriously look in to anti-psychotic prescriptions for 1/2 the people in that comments section.

  • Greg Costikyan

    The Advance story on the proposed gondola from Staten Island to Bayonne doesn’t even make sense. It claims the gondola would provide a 33 minute ride from Staten Island to downtown Manhattan, “including a 6 minute gondola ride and a 27 minute PATH trip.” But the PATH doesn’t go to Bayonne. You could take a bus from Bayonne to Jersey City and get on PATH there, but that would add at least another half hour, and I very much doubt many people commute from Jersey City to Bayonne, which is not exactly a major employment center.

  • Joe R.

    That Tal Barzalai guy is probably among the worst. He’s been posting the same anti-bike drivel for years.

    Yahoo comments are even worse than Brooklyn Paper’s. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collection of so many ignorant, mentally challenged people in one place.

  • guest

    Brooklyn Paper posted an interview with him a few years ago. Watching that video provides a lot of… context, I’d say, behind that specific non-NYC resident’s obsession with bikes in Brooklyn

  • Joe R.

    I remember reading that. He actually came across as marginally more reasonable in the interview than he does in his usual comments. Still, I think it’s odd a guy from Pleasantville is so obsessed with bikes in Brooklyn.

  • stairbob

    There is a NJ Transit Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station at 8th Street in Bayonne (near the NJ side of the Bayonne Bridge). Google Maps says it is 31 minutes from there to the WTC. That’s a 3-fare trip, though. Not sure why the Advance would omit the light rail (there are already buses over the bridge to the light rail ).

  • Ken Dodd

    Yahoo is now some kind of archaic spam site. To illustrate, if you own a business and want to edit your business listing with them, it directs you to its “partner” Yext, which charges you $500 to do so and is one of the most notorious protection rackets on the internet. Yahoo stopped being relevant at least 7 years ago.

  • bolwerk

    Yahoo Answers is possibly the stupidest site on the Internet. I’m not sure it can be topped for the sheer mix of stupidity and Dunning-Kruger self-delusion.

    YouTube commenters can be just as dumb, but at least YouTube serves a function.

  • walks bikes drives

    The guy has no life. He is absolutely pathetic. My favorite was on of his posts that linked to a NYT comment he had made where he went out of his way to say that it was recommended twice. In the comments section of the article, it was actually the least recommended comment in the entire section.

  • walks bikes drives

    The first Streetsblog headline doesn’t match the article. The article does not say anything about him taking control of the PANYNJ, but just that he will be appointing his slots all at once.

  • Ken Dodd

    Yet another drunk off-duty NYPD officer involved in a devastating crash
    This happens way too often and is a classic case of what happens when police officers know that their badge will extricate them from charges should they get caught.

  • Ken Dodd

    Man crossing with the light in crosswalk slaughtered by a cab driver on UES, no charges filed by clueless NYPD

  • Ken Dodd

    Two cops, detective and NYPD crossing guard cuffed over weekend in incidents throughout NYC

  • Andrew

    What It’s Like to Depend on Buses in the Northwest Bronx

    The methodology here is a bit suspect. I do give the Riverdale Press credit for spelling out at least some of the details:

    Northbound buses were surveyed at the Riverdale Monument from 1 to 2 p.m., and at West 231st Street and Broadway from 9 to 10 a.m. Southbound buses were observed leaving from West 263rd Street and Riverdale Avenue from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

    The “rush hour” observations aren’t at the right times – the AM rush is significantly earlier than 9-10, and the PM rush is somewhat later than 4:30-5:30 – and, more critically, they’re in the wrong direction. The heaviest usage on the Riverdale buses is toward the 1 train in the AM and from the 1 train in the PM.

    In any case, starting in July, the Bx10 is getting a 25% service increase in the AM rush and the Bx20 (which also serves this corridor during rush hours) is getting a 33% service increase in the PM rush, both due to heavy loading:

  • Vooch

    so true – a true PBL network would benefit all NYs.

    Where I feel the most pain is grocery shopping. I load up a few bags of groceries on my bike, and merrily cycle off at zero cost.

    Meanwhile, many of my fellow shoppers are waiting to pay $2.75 for the bus. paying $5.50 R/T to go grocery shopping ? Sad !

    even more tragic is when I see someone taking a cab to shop…

  • Andrew

    Last night I biked by someone waiting for the B69 bus in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. She was looking at her watch and leaning out to look for the bus.

    Did you stop to tell her about BusTime?