Today’s Headlines

  • Stella No Big Deal, Unless You’re a Straphanger (NY1Gothamist; Advance 12Post)
  • DSNY Leaves Curb Mountains for Days (Rag); NYT: “Few Complaints” About Storm Response
  • New Jersey Lawmakers Try to Block Cuomo’s Port Authority Power Grab (Post)
  • Cuomo’s LaGuardia Traffic Management Plan: More Uber (DNA)
  • State Senators Release Three Competing Budget Resolutions (NYT)
  • Former CB 7 Chair Mel Wymore Says He’s Running Against Helen Rosenthal (News)
  • Two Stories on How Trump Wants to Further Degrade NYC Air Quality: Gothamist, AMNY
  • If Cuomo Can Ban Big Rigs From Interstates, Why Not the Streets of NYC? (Politico)
  • Speeding Driver Rips Car in Two on Williamsburg Bridge, Killing Passenger (News)
  • People You Share the Streets With (Post, AdvanceNews)

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  • bronxite
  • m

    There’s something about the ice-heavy nature of this snow that is making the curb mountains really high, especially at corners. In Park Slope at 3rd st and 7th ave, one plow job appeared to have smashed in the glass panel a bus shelter!

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    The B8 stop closest to my apartment is “plough-snowed” in at a direct 45 degree angle to the bus shelter, people are waiting half a block away at the corner

  • Vooch

    One helpful solution to the challenges of clearing snow is simply to eliminate curbside parking on arterials prior to and during a snow emergency. Most US cities already do this. Why can’t NY ?

  • Komanoff

    Re “Two Stories on How Trump Wants to Further Degrade NYC Air Quality,”

    With so much rampaging destruction from the Trump administration, it can be hard to keep categories straight – or to even want to. But for anyone who can tolerate it, I’d like to try to separate out “climate pollution” from “air pollution.”

    Trump is scaling back Obama’s future mpg standards for autos and light trucks. That will mean more gallons per mile which will mean more climate pollution — CO2 — per mile. But I don’t think it will mean more air pollution, in the usual sense of particulates, ozone, carbon monoxide, etc. – with two modest exceptions I’ll get to in a sec. Those aside, the Schneiderman language tying the rollback to more “air pollution that is responsible for premature death, asthma, and more” (Gothamist) seems to me to be hyperbolic.

    OTOH, the steep cutbacks in USEPA budget and personnel (amNY) will doubtless lead to dirtier air. How much is an open question, however.

    My exceptions are, first, that more petroleum will be extracted, transported and refined, which will mean more air pollution; and, second, climate change itself exacerbates air pollution through heat events, forest fires, etc. Those impacts matter, but I suspect they’re “second order” in terms of air pollution. And on the other side of the ledger, less mpg will translate into slightly less driving, which will mean a little less of those “conventional” tailpipe emissions.

    EPA published a Federal Register page supporting this, in 2012. It’s at Vol. 77, No. 199 / Monday, October 15, 2012 / Rules and Regulations, p 62899. Go to p 277 of 578.

    My “moral” is: Let’s reserve our outrage (including headlines) over Trump’s degrading air quality for the actions that will truly do so.

  • AMH

    Yes, the city always says that ASP is suspended for snow removal, while doing so actually hinders snow removal. Makes no sense.

  • bolwerk

    It almost seems orchestrated to weaken the position of the American auto industry, which is actually rather competitive right now, to benefit oil pimps. Even if U.S. car buyers don’t want efficient vehicles, which I think is not the case going by the occasional consumer survey about what Americans want in their cars, other countries will still demand more efficient vehicles and will buy them from someone else.

    If you want to be conspiratorial, maybe Secretary of State Exxon-Mobil is finding oil prices or oil consumption are getting too damn low. Because, AIUI, the trend lately has been toward scaling back production.