Today’s Headlines

  • Two Motorists Fatally Strike 65-Year-Old Man on Bronxdale Avenue; One Flees Scene (Post, News)
  • LIE Crash in Queens Kills Three, Injures Many (ABC, NewsPost); 28 Bus Routes Disrupted (DNA)
  • Bratton Says Revealing Cops’ Disciplinary Records Violated State Law (WSJ, News)
  • Sen. James Sanders: State to Fund Street Improvements at Jamaica Transit Hub (DNANews)
  • Cab Drivers Talk to the Times About the TLC Dropping Its English Proficiency Rule
  • Here’s a Bikelash Double-Feature Courtesy of the Brooklyn Paper (1, 2)
  • Corey Johnson, CB 4, Post Say Sidewalk Wi-Fi Kiosks Are a Nuisance, Attract Unpleasant People (DNA)
  • Steve Matteo Presses DOT for More Ped Time at South Beach Crossing Frequented by Seniors (Advance)
  • Citing Parking and Traffic, City Planning Orders EIS for New Dorp Beach Mall (DNA)
  • Crain’s Editor Erik Engquist Can’t Figure Out Who TA’s “Ride for Mayoral Action” Is Targeting
  • Video: The New York City Driving Experience, Unchanged Since 1991 (Gothamist)
  • walknseason

    I feel like you should stop linking to bikelash articles. It just feeds the fungus journalists who thrive off faux outrage.

  • Brad Aaron

    I feel you, but awful media coverage of livable streets issues is one reason Streetsblog exists.

  • walknseason

    Yeah, I get that and its what I thought…. But basically these shitty journalists get told by their editors “hey, we get lots of hits each time you call a car death an ‘accident’.. or reporting on some irate asshole who needs to circle for parking.. so keep doing it, since ad rates go up and we get more circulation!”.

    Essentially the Trump phenomenon on tiny scale, by bad journalists trying to get a toehold in NY journalist space.

  • Brad Aaron

    Agreed. Unfortunately that’s how most street safety stories are treated. Gotta call it out.

  • J

    To be fair, the TA facebook event page does not say anything about being a “Ride for Mayoral Action”

    Better event branding would help clarify this.

  • djx

    It’s not just drivers: NYPD reflexively makes excuses for boat caption who hit multiple kayakers.

    Note, I’m not commenting on who was right or wrong in that incident, just the NYPD reflex to offer excuses for the pilot/caption/driver of the big motorized thing whenever possible.

  • Jesse

    In a way I find these bikelash articles heartening when I scroll to the comments section. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the clicks on the articles are people just hate-reading them.

  • Joe R.

    I guess the NYPD would take even less kindly to something like this being hit by a ferry:

  • Brad Aaron

    That story almost made today’s stack.

  • Brad Aaron

    Well, we managed to read the press release before writing about it.

    Hard to see that blurb as anything other than deliberately obtuse.

  • bolwerk

    Bratton is probably right about the state law. But don’t let that make you think he is not a steaming sack of shit. Pantaleo kept his job after doing this. He went on to murder Eric Garner.

    If only private citizens enjoyed the “disciplinary” privacy that thuggish NYPD hogs do.

  • djx

    Note the tweet from NYPD: the “kayakers collided with ferry” and not the other way around.

    They just can’t seem to help it – it’s in their bones to frame things that way.

  • steely

    it is a Might Makes Right mentality, aka woe to the conquered

  • walknseason

    Fair enough. Its a disgusting job but I hope they pay you well for it!

  • djx

    Sorry to be pedantic, but I think most employees of private companies do enjoy more privacy in that it is not possible to FOIA their disciplinary records.

    But yes I agree with your implied belief that disciplinary records of public servants like NYPD should be much more open.

  • bolwerk

    What I was referring to is how members of the public don’t have public conduct shielded by employee protection laws. If I kick the crap out of someone, I can be arrested, tried, convicted – and the record is there for all to see. And I’d be lucky to get a job after.

  • AMH


  • ahwr

    Do you read the comments section before or after streetsblog links to it?

  • AnoNYC

    Didn’t see anything on the Jerome Ave rezoning in the Bronx. The city released its plan to rezone the corridor from a blighted stretch of automotive and storage businesses to a dense, walkable, transit oriented community.

  • J

    Fair point, but if TA wants to target the mayor, they should make that as obvious as possible. It wasn’t clear to me from a lot of their press info. Just saying that TA could be clearer in their messaging.