Today’s Headlines

  • Man Uses Truck as Weapon to Murder Scores of People in Nice, France (NYT, NPR, NY1NBC)
  • David Samson Pleads Guilty to Felony (NYT); Former NJ DOT Commish Jamie Fox Charged (Politico)
  • Ex-MTA Chair Peter Kalikow Knocks Cuomo for Underfunding the MTA (Post)
  • WNYC Has More on the Possibility of the MTA Adopting London’s Fare Collection System
  • Tri-State Understands Why Some Might Prefer UberPOOL to NYC Transit (MTR)
  • Bratton Defends NYPD Use of Force (Politico), Hates on Pokémon Go (Gothamist)
  • Motorist Indicted for Manslaughter for Killing Victoria Nicodemus, License Suspended (NewsPost)
  • NYC EDC Signs Off on Lowline Park (NY MagCrain’s, Verge)
  • State DOT Says Construction Snafu Won’t Affect Harlem-Greenway Bridge Timetable (AN)
  • Breaking: NIMBYs Say Reclaiming Street Space for Bikes Ruins Everything (Patch)
  • Sociopath Glorified for Vandalizing LI Red Light Cams Running for State Senate (News 12)

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  • Guest

    And their own personal vehicles, as well as their family’s using last year’s placard…

  • urbanresidue

    Hopefully the outcome is more sophisticated NYPD urban design that does more to improve our urban environment. It may be a dream, but it could be possible.

  • stairbob

    I daresay that it means that this manslaughter charge isn’t the progress we were hoping for. Negligent driving remains just a sad “oopsie”, legally.

  • WalkingNPR

    Yes–that’s why I find it curious. Is this a case of the “two violations” rule the police used to adhere to (that the RoW law was supposed to negate) or simply a way for them to save face after they initially did nothing and then finally, after being pressured by the family and others, got off their rear ends and did their jobs–“Oh…well, see, there’s this new evidence so now there’s a case!” Either way, it is a sad reminder that this case was clearly initially regarded as just something that happens in the course of moving cars around this city.

  • Andrew

    I don’t think they’re comparable.

    I do, however, think the murder of Matthew von Ohlen was quite comparable, of course on a much smaller scale, and the NYPD’s response has not been confidence-inspiring.

  • Andrew

    It’s not transportation infrastructure. Hasn’t been in many decades.

    (Don’t get me wrong – this is an absurd place for a park. But transportation infrastructure it isn’t.)

  • Andrew

    Watch out for unintended consequences. Many of our sidewalks are already too narrow for the pedestrian volumes they carry, and now you want to narrow them further?

    That said, all curbs within a three-block radius of every police station citywide should absolutely have bollards.

  • com63

    Easy solution. Make the sidewalks wider at the same time! The bollards don’t necessarily have to be the big chunky ones that are used around federal buildings. The skinny Parisian types would probably be just fine in most locations.

  • Andrew

    Fine by me, as long as there’s room for them. Or, even better, put them in the roadway rather than on the sidewalk.