Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Might Throw His Weight Behind a de Blasio Challenger in 2017 (WSJ)
  • Driver Kills Man Crossing Bruckner Blvd at 149th Street (News)
  • Video Surfaces of Off-Duty Cop Shooting From His Car and Killing Delrawn Small (Post 1, 2NYT)
  • Hundreds of People Took to the Streets Saturday Night to Protest Police Brutality (Gothamist)
  • Family of Hit-and-Run Victim Doniqueca Cooke, 21, Asks for Help With Funeral Expenses (TL)
  • 2,700 Sign on to Petition Against F Express Unless Local Service Is Maintained (Bklyn Paper)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: Transit Access Can Be Improved Without Sending Rents Soaring
  • J and Z Won’t Run Express During 10-Month M Line Reconstruction (DNA)
  • Con-Ed Transformer Explodes in 2nd Ave Subway Tunnel — No Workers Injured (NY1)
  • London’s New Protected Bike Lanes Are a Cut Above NYC’s (IVM)

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  • Robert Wright

    Thank you (from overcast, rainy London) for the kind mention of the Invisible Visible Man. Miss you all (except the drivers and the cops).

  • Brad Aaron

    Robert — You are a voice for sanity, kindness, and decency. Your absence will be felt.

  • bolwerk

    Bill de Blasio is delusional enough to think he’s progressive? He’s a Mike Bloomberg without the ability to buy off opposition. Everyone pushes Bill around too. Remember when Hillary, who once dogwhistled comparing urban blacks to animals, blamed him for the “colored people time” thing?

    Bill should’ve flirted with Teachout in 2013, at least to make Cuomo sweat a little. Of course, that would have actually been progressive. Every time the guy has a chance to throw weight around he doesn’t do it, and now he’s basically a big dumb sheep stuck in the wilderness with the wolves.

  • The terrifying thing is they *are* progressive, compared with what seems to be becoming the Republican norm. I mean, yes, an old fashioned wicker chair is progressive compared with Trump, but even look at his former competition, Cruz, etc.

  • Tyler

    De Blasio is an extreme far-left progressive…. compared to Cuomo.

  • bolwerk

    De Blasio is simply less regressive or less outright destructive. Sadly, I think he even means well. Generally, that gay people can show their place in public is more or less a settled issue now, not even a personal problem even for Trump or Cruz (but maybe for Kasisch?).

    Most of the real problems that de Blasio, Cuomo, Obama, Hillary, etc. are indifferent to or ideologically impotent to deal with are economic, and that’s because they all buy into the same regressive neoliberal economic consensus. It just so happens Blas is less doctrinaire about it than people like Jeb! or Mitt Romney.

  • bolwerk

    Not sure what that means. Cuomo is to the left of de Blasio on policing and probably civil liberties in general, but I’d guess to the right of him on economics.

    That’s to the extent that *either* could even be called coherent.

  • Robert Wright

    You’re very kind, Brad. I’m sorry to have left. Thank you for all that Streetsblog does.

  • Wilfried84

    And there was this in today’s Chicago Tribune: “Woman killed in crash believed to be 1st bike-sharing death in U.S.”

  • Vooch

    the left-right paradigm is no longer a valid framework

  • rao

    De Blasio means well, but he just doesn’t seem that bright. Cuomo’s done some good, but third terms are rarely a good idea and he has not evolved on transportation. Wish we could replace both of them.

  • neroden

    An endorsement from Cuomo is like an endorsement from the mob. Not exactly helpful for anyone’s political career.

    Cuomo is a moron — probably lead damage to his brain in childhood — and he’s ticked off damn near *everyone*. If there’s an opponent to de Blasio, he or she would be wise to make sure he or she stays far away from Cuomo’s toxicity.

  • neroden

    Cuomo’s basically an idiot. Please give an example of where he’s done anything useful on policing (I haven’t heard of any).

    I can’t think of anything useful he’s done on any other topic either, really — he was forced to ban fracking by a huge popular movement and his own Secretary of Health, but I can’t give him much credit for that. For same-sex marriage, it was gonna pass with or without him.

  • bolwerk

    He hasn’t, nor did I suggest he did anything useful. I just said he was somewhat to the left of BdB on the topic. As you say, he has never been useful. :-p

    But he has said some of the right things. I doubt he cares enough to act on it. Really it probably comes down to not having to suck on the police unions’ little shrunken, ‘roid-raging balls.

    I still prefer that to de Blasio’s endless capitulations to Bratton and the New York Post editorial board on these issues.