Driver Kills Cyclist Lauren Davis on Classon Avenue in Clinton Hill [Updated]

A driver struck and killed a cyclist at Classon Avenue at Lexington Avenue. Image” Google Maps
A driver struck and killed a cyclist at Classon Avenue at Lexington Avenue. Image: Google Maps

Update: The victim of this crash was identified as Lauren Davis, according to the Daily News.

A driver killed a cyclist in Clinton Hill this morning.

According to NYPD, the cyclist was riding southbound, against traffic, on Classon Avenue at around 8:35 a.m. when she was hit by the driver of a 2015 Fiat, who was turning left from Classon onto Lexington Avenue. It’s not clear whose testimony led police to believe the cyclist was riding the wrong way. Update: An eyewitness says she saw Lauren Davis biking in the direction of traffic, contradicting NYPD’s version of events.

From DNAinfo:

Almost immediately, the driver started screaming, “Oh my God!” according to Anthony G., 29, who is in town from Montreal for a psychology conference.

“We heard the woman in the car screaming,” Anthony, who did not want to give his full last name, said.

He looked out the corner window of the Airbnb he is staying in to see the cyclist sprawled out on Lexington Avenue, he said.

“I don’t know if she had a pulse. I couldn’t determine if she was conscious or not,” he said.

The driver got out and walked toward the cyclist, but then fainted in the street, the witness added.

The victim, a 34-year-old woman, sustained severe body trauma and was transported to Brooklyn Hospital in critical condition, police said, before she died from her injuries. NYPD had not released her name as of early this afternoon, pending family notification.

The driver was a 41-year-old woman whose name was not released. The driver was not immediately ticketed or charged and the Collision Investigation Squad is still investigating the crash, NYPD said.

The corner of Classon and Lexington is the entrance to a neighborhood Slow Zone.

Due to a high number of crashes on the street, Classon Avenue received a road diet in 2012, when it was reduced from two lanes to one for much of its length. DOT did not install a bike lane, using leftover asphalt to widen parking lanes instead.

The crash occurred in the 88th Precinct, and in the City Council district represented by Laurie CumboWe’ve received unconfirmed reports that NYPD is ticketing cyclists on Flushing Avenue, eight blocks north, in response to this morning’s crash.

We’ll post additional information as it becomes available.

  • Megan Davidson

    We have heard eye witness accounts — another cyclist was right behind her and they were both going with traffic. I live a few blocks away and many of our neighbors and friends were out on the street when it happened and directly afterwards.

  • Megan Davidson

    She had a helmet on and was riding with traffic. The victim blaming is so ridiculous.

  • Megan Davidson

    Clockwise, it is like you wanted her to die. Why so committed to the idea that she did something wrong? She had a helmet on, was riding with traffic, her bike is not even a fast bike. She was killed by no fault of her own.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Please spread the truth. Also Might be worth Connecting family with S .Vacaroo who Might see to it that a Minimum of accountability Is Imposed on the killer.

    it was suggested that killer was druving aggressivly and that Killer Drove a Street Racer model Fiat. did anyone take photos ?

  • Joe R.

    This is good info. Now we’re left to speculate on why it was reported that she was riding against traffic. I’ll bet good money the driver of the vehicle which hit her made this up.

  • Clockwisedown

    “It is like you wanted her to die”

    Lol. Glad you waited 4 days to come back and post that kind of total BS.

  • Joe R.

    You don’t even have to mention whether or not she had a helmet on. Lack of a helmet is a strawman argument often used by those on the other side to imply the cyclist was careless. The hard fact is helmets are just about totally ineffective in motor vehicle-bicycle collisions, and not all that useful in many other types of bike mishaps. I’m glad she was wearing a helmet so people like Clockwisedown have less ammunition against her but it likely wouldn’t have changed the tragic outcome here.

  • Clockwisedown

    I just checked Google News again and every article I can find has witnesses stating she was riding AGAINST traffic.

    If there is another article out there with witnesses claiming the opposite link to it and I’ll be the first to acknowledge.

  • BrooklynCyclist

    The news media spin is all regurgitating the same false police statements. Witnesses on the scene said otherwise. Her commute says otherwise. The witnesses have already been in contact with the lawyers for her family. I don’t much care if you acknowledge the truth or not but it is the truth. And she is a person. And she is dead. Your compassion is underwhelming.

  • BrooklynCyclist

    Yes, absolutely Joe R.

  • Vooch

    victim was cycling properly

    killer driver 100% guilty of negligent homicide with zero mitigating factors

    driver lied – they always do

  • Vooch
  • LN

    This post needs updating, with your own blog posting

    Maybe this should be a lesson to not take the NYPD’s account of a crash ever and hopefully to re-examine the quickness to judge and victim-blaming by both the bloggers and commenters here. Because Lauren, may she rest in peace, can’t tell us what really happened.

  • Bethany

    I saw the helmet she was wearing at her memorial. I saw that the police amended their report to include the fact that she was riding WITH traffic flow, despite what some unscrupulous oerson(s) reported. I also saw that the victim blaming in this death is alive and well.

  • ArgyBargy

    What do these words have in common? ‘Might’ (2x), ‘Connecting’ ‘Minimum’ ‘Killer’ ‘Drove’ ‘Street’ ‘Racer’

    NOT ONE of them should be capped.

    You might know how to ride a bicycle, but, your ability at punctuation, and capitalisation’s ATROCIOUS.

    You only cap PERSONAL nouns. Proper names. First letter of a sentence.

    Instead, you’ve managed to cap incorrectly – in this (LMAO) TINY (just 2-paragraphs!) – 8 (EIGHT!?!?) irrelevant words.

    The only ‘good’ thing – and I AM being sarcastic – is they’ve just realised this ‘terrific’ bit of news;’ only 37% of people who’ve graduated from high school have the reading and math skills necessary to enter college.

    OVER 60% have terrible reading/writing/math skills.

    So, ‘congrats.’

    But, it’s only another mark of how far and fast the basic skills and aptitude of the US population is going down the toilet.

  • Vooch

    how many languages do you speak ?

    which languages I have set on my IPhone such that auto correct capitalizes nouns ?

    because I freely converse in a number of languages.

    thanks for playing, next time you might perhaps have a chance.

  • ArgyBargy

    Please; learn how/when to use capital-letters. ‘Bollard,’ nor ‘prevent’ are capped. They’re not (in YOUR usage) the first-letter in a sentence. They’re not proper names.

    People ARE judged by many things, and, with the internet being so prevalent for a lot of communication, it’s one of the very few things others can judge someone by (and, let me be clear; ‘judging’ isn’t something most do, consciously).

    When someone is reading something by another person, the more misspelt words, or just indecipherable sentences, etc., the less likely one is going to be taken seriously.

    If someone sent a business letter, or a resumé – and didn’t proof-read it, The recipient would think the person is sloppy,uncaring, and, if they’re sloppy with (what should be) the best-possible introduction to a stranger, then they’re more-than-likely to be even worse if they were an employee.

    There’s 2 ways to take any criticism;

    One is to think/say ‘f-c- you’, the other way is to take it constructively – ‘they must’ve seen something to say what they said’, and then say to oneself; ‘I’m going to show them I’m better than they think.’

  • Vooch

    yOu DAmN KIDs StOP pLAYing oN My LAWN !

  • Alicia

    This is fascinating. You write a long rant about someone else’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but it’s quite error-filled.

    You might know how to ride a bicycle, but, your ability at punctuation, and capitalisation’s ATROCIOUS.

    The comma after “but” is improper. I’ve also never encountered the phrasing “ability at” something.

    You only cap PERSONAL nouns. Proper names. First letter of a sentence.

    Here we have two sentence fragments. This should be revised.

    Instead, you’ve managed to cap incorrectly – in this (LMAO) TINY (just 2-paragraphs!) – 8 (EIGHT!?!?) irrelevant words.

    The hyphen between “2” and “paragraphs” is unnecessary. In addition, !?!? is nonstandard punctuation.

    is they’ve just realised this ‘terrific’ bit of news;’

    1) Why are you using an apostrophe around “terrific” instead of a quotation mark?
    2) You end with a semi-colon instead of a colon. This is another example of incorrect punctuation.

    So, ‘congrats.’

    Here, again, you are incorrectly using apostrophes.

    The next time you want to play grammar nazi, at least do us the favor of proofreading your own posts.

  • Sam

    Hi Eric, my name is Sam, I’m a journalist working on a story about street safety. I’m so sorry for your loss. I am wondering if you would be interested in talking with me about Lauren and what the (preventable) accident signifies for street safety in New York. please email me at


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Lauren Davis was killed by a turning driver on Classon Avenue last April. Photo: Family of Lauren Davis

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