DOT: Drivers Injured 1,084 Pedestrians and Cyclists, and Killed 13, in January

Richard Oates, Can Reng Ma, Rodney Graham, Thomas McAnulty
Richard Oates, Can Reng Ma, Rodney Graham, and Thomas McAnulty

Seventeen people died in New York City traffic in January, and 3,750 were injured, according to DOT’s Vision Zero View crash data map.

DOT reported 11 pedestrians and two cyclists killed by city motorists last month, and 1,084 injured, compared to 10 deaths and 1,043 injuries in January 2015.

Among the victims of fatal crashes were Andrea Kremen, Rodney Graham, Richard Oates, Thomas McAnulty, Can Reng Ma, Nancy Ventura, Alfiya Djuraeva, and an unnamed male pedestrian in Manhattan.

Motorists killed at least two seniors in January: Andrea Kremen, 68, and Thomas McAnulty, 73.

Across the city, 915 pedestrians and 169 cyclists were reported hurt in collisions with motor vehicles. Per NYPD policy, few of these crashes were investigated by trained officers.

Of eight fatal crashes on surface streets reported by Streetsblog and other outlets, one motorist was known to have been charged for causing a death.

Based on NYPD and media accounts, at least four victims were likely walking or cycling with the right of way when they were struck. The truck driver who killed cyclist Can Reng Ma was charged with felony leaving the scene, but was not charged for taking a life. The motorist who killed the unnamed Manhattan pedestrian was charged with manslaughter, felony leaving the scene, and DWI. The driver who killed Alfiya Djuraeva was charged with failure to yield.

Historically, nearly half of motorists who kill a New York City pedestrian or cyclist do not receive so much as a citation for careless driving.

A witness told the press Andrea Kremen went airborne for 70 yards after she was hit by a driver on the Upper East Side. The driver was not charged. Rodney Graham’s girlfriend said he survived being hit by one driver but was struck again by another motorist, who fled the scene, as he tried to reach the sidewalk on Atlantic Avenue. Before filing charges, NYPD offered the hit-and-run driver who killed Can Reng Ma a preemptive “didn’t see him” defense. Thomas McAnulty, killed by a motorcycle rider on Amsterdam Avenue, was “best friends” with his 7-year-old grandson, the victim’s grieving son told the press.

Four motor vehicle occupants died in the city in January, according to DOT, and 2,666 were injured.

  • Kathy

    It was all I could do to just skim this article, it’s so painful to read these accounts! I usually just read the headlines when your post shows up in my Facebook news feed–again, because they are so painful to read. My heart goes out to the Streetsblog NYC reporters who must learn all of the details and see firsthand the human price, and who must feel so frustrated–and beyond–at how drivers are rarely held accountable and how nothing seems to change, Vision Zero notwithstanding.

  • Pat

    I’m confused, what does it mean that NYPD offered a preemptive defense.

  • Andrew

    That, prior to any investigation, the NYPD put out a reason why the driver might have done nothing wrong.

  • Pat

    That is totally unacceptable.
    I’m having trouble finding the actual quote or press release from NYPD.

  • Andrew – “Investigators are still looking into whether the truck’s driver even realized the man had been struck, cop sources said.”

    (Sorry, not an actual quote or press release, but I doubt you’ll find anything better than this.)

  • Pat

    Ok thanks.