Today’s Headlines

  • The Big Message From Vision Zero Vigil: “There Are No Accidents” (Gizmodo, Treehugger)
  • NJ Transit Fares Rise Again on Christie’s Watch While NJ’s Gas Tax Stays Flat (WNYCNYT, News)
  • Denise Richardson: “Albany’s Culture of Neglecting the MTA Has Never Been More Apparent” (GG)
  • Amtrak Has Already Started to Lay the Ground for Gateway Tunnel (Crain’s)
  • 25+ Curb Extensions Make It Safer to Walk Under Park Ave Viaduct (DNA)
  • DOT to Put Benches on 2nd Ave After Subway Opens – What About the Protected Bike Lane? (DNA)
  • MTA Still Doesn’t Have the Hang of How to Roll Out Off-Board Fare Payment (News)
  • Uber Turns Up Aggression Against City Hall (News); Council to Vote on License Cap Next Week (Post)
  • Third High School Student Dies From Injuries in Orange County Driver’s Ed Crash (News, NYT)
  • Fung Wah Bus Won’t Be Coming Back (DNA)
  • Can Anyone Save New York From Oppressive Sidewalk Sheds? (CapNY)

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  • Jeff

    I don’t think this means anything either way, but the rendering in the DNAinfo article about second ave shows a bike lane if you look hard enough:

  • I emailed DOT just to make sure.

  • Jeff

    Cool, can’t wait to hear what you find out!

  • Kevin Love

    From DNA:
    “One or two bike racks will be added to each block as well.”

    Kevin’s comment:

    Seriously? That’s what we get for a parking management strategy?

    I’ll roll my eyes as I note that demand is probably far, far, greater than that meager supply.

  • Matthias

    That is insane.

  • Matthias

    Regarding the Gateway enviro review, the full article is available here:

  • Maggie

    Any word from Polly Trottenberg or Margaret Forgione on cyclist safety along the Park Ave viaduct? After three cyclist deaths in three years along here, and the day after yet another gruesome cyclist death in Brooklyn on Monday, it felt really jarring to see their ribbon-cutting photos talking about Park Ave safety improvements. If I understand correctly, nothing was done for bicycling safety after three bicyclists died here.

  • BBnet3000

    Any word from Polly Trottenberg or Margaret Forgione on cyclist safety

    You could have just left it at that. That said, the bulbouts also give cyclists a sheltered position from which they can see approaching traffic on Park, just like they do for pedestrians.

  • BBnet3000

    Are they going to be completing the bike lane between 63rd and 34th St as well? That’s not affected by SAS construction but has been shamefully neglected for half a decade now.