Caption Contest: Chan Declares Bike-Obsessed Cop a Vision Zero Hero

Joshua Vincek is the 20th Precinct officer known for ticketing over 1,200 cyclists during a 38-month period when the entire precinct summonsed just 331 drivers for speeding. That’s not a typo.

Never mind that reckless drivers cause the vast majority of road carnage in NYC. Today NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas Chan hailed Vincek as a Vision Zero hero.

Please leave your captions in the comments.

  • Driver

    That is not the face of a happy man.

  • stairbob

    He’d rather be outside, helping cyclists understand the law better.

  • ddartley

    It’s extremely disheartening. PD seems to have no understanding of what Vision Zero is really about, yet they are taking on at least as big a role as DOT as the public face of it, and I fear they’re going to render the whole thing meaningless. Like just some cute bullshit temporary little initiative that’s not much more than a branding exercise, that they have to be part of, like the utterly meaningless “courtesy professionalism respect” branding crap on their vehicles. I’m not saying that just to take a cheap shot. They are not the leaders on issues like Vision Zero and respectful community relatoins, and the city gov should not ask them to act like they are. They do have to take a leadership role in a lot of areas, but on Vision Zero, they should be taking orders, from outside their agency.

  • thesnozberriestastelikedrugs

    those people shouldn’t have gotten caught. case closed.

  • Joe R.

    Yes, exactly. Part of the “weaseling” of the Vision Zero concept is the idea we can approach zero mainly through either enforcement or street redesign. Forget for a minute that we’re enforcing against the wrong group (i.e. cyclists). Let’s say the NYPD was doing heavy enforcement against motorists. It still won’t get us to zero, or even close. At best, maybe we’ll cut the number of deaths in half. When you have this many vulnerable users surrounded by this many motor vehicles enforcement can’t be everywhere, nor can it prevent human error which is typically the cause of carnage.

    The only chance we have of getting close to zero is by doing something along the lines of what you said—drastically cutting motor vehicle use in this city, and virtually eliminating private automobile use, particularly in the borough of Manhattan.

  • NYC officer Dink McCallihan was commended for putting away the worst offenders of all, elderly jaywalkers

  • ddartley

    Vision Zero in its original form (not from NYC, not even USA) is not primarily about criminalizing. NYC may yet screw it up, but hell no to the idea of rejecting it out of hand.

  • Given that there have been only 9 deaths caused by cyclists in NYC this century after a miserable 2014 total of 2 both in parks, I’m not surprised. NYC went from 3/2009 to 6/2014 with zero deaths by bicycle.

  • Jesse
  • I did and lost. I complained to the judge about his attitude and professionalism. No matter, $190.

  • Bolwerk

    When a cop has the same vicious look of stunted affect as Dylann Roof, I’d call that pretty relevant. But, sure, it could just be a bad picture.

  • Chad Kreuter’s Hat

    They say not all cops are bad, and here is a shining example. Bikers are the worst.

  • stairbob

    A biker stole my pudding once. So terrible.


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