Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills Mother of Daily News Reporter in Bed-Stuy; No Charges (News)
  • Gelinas: Cuomo’s Abuse of the MTA Will Destroy Your Faith in Government (Post)
  • Albany Pretends to Care About Transit Riders (Post)
  • Parks Department to Install Permanent Memorial to Sammy Cohen Eckstein By Prospect Park (DNA)
  • Bus Lane and Sidewalks Coming to North Side of Pelham Parkway (BxTimes)
  • DOT Shows South Central Queens How to Get Around Without Driving (DNA)
  • After Nearly 40 Years, Vinicio Donato Relinquishes Chairmanship of Queens CB 1 (QChron)
  • NYC Needs to Strengthen Protections for Pedestrians, Not Water Them Down (MTR)
  • NYPD Squad Car Drivers Collide in 52nd Precinct, Injuring Five Cops (Post)
  • SpotPog — The Umpteenth App Purporting to Solve the Problem of Free Parking (News)
  • People You Share the Road With (Post, AMNY)

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  • One more from the Staten Island Advance….Red Light Cameras Working Hard, Cutting Collisions, Violations Decreasing…..

  • neroden

    So, now the police are crashing into each other. Who’s going to keep the streets safe? Do we need to start a separate agency to arrest the NYPD?

  • Joe R.

    I actually like one facet of SpotPog, namely the concept of homeowners without a car renting their driveway to people in need of parking. Couple that with a general ban on curbside parking in areas like mine, and homeowners can make serious money renting out their driveways. Moreover, now that drivers would be paying market rates to park, we might actually cut down on unnecessary car use.

  • qrt145

    As is often pointed out here, the language used by the papers to report crashes typically makes it look like the car was responsible instead of the driver (e.g., “SUV kills pedestrian”…)

    It was interesting to see today how when the damage happens to a car, the driver suddenly is the victim. The Post’s headline is “Road raging man with machete attacks fellow motorist”, but then the article goes on to describe how it was the victim’s car that was struck with the machete.

  • djx

    Good catch.

  • djx

    It’s always been the case that about half of “police have such a dangerous job” is about police being hurt by cars. Too many of us assume it’s intentional violence that is the main threat to police, but that’s only half of it.

  • Joe R.

    That’s also one of the reasons why the only reasonable method of large scale enforcement of speed limits in NYC is to use speed cameras. Having the police chase down speeders would likely kill more people than it would save. Actually, it’s almost a certainty it would. Back in the days of the 55 mph speed limit some studies showed attempts at strict enforcement killed more people than may have been saved, and of note is all these people killed were protected by a few tons of sheet metal. That wouldn’t be the case with large scale speed enforcement of NYC streets.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Gelinas realizes, of course, that the pittance in actual cash Cuomo has put up for the MTA capital plan is more than has been put up for 20 years. But $32 billion in debt later, the disaster can’t be avoided. So he just wants to avoid talking about it.

    The deed was done.