Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD and DAs Have Applied the Right of Way Law 31 Times Since August (News)
  • De Blasio: “We’re Going to Do More Enforcement” of Right of Way Law (News)
  • Will the High Bridge Reopening Catalyze a New Bronx Waterfront Greenway? (DNA)
  • Two Perspectives on the High Bridge, Generations Apart (WNYC)
  • Meet the Parking-Obsessed NIMBYs of Westchester Square in the Bronx (BxTimes)
  • NYC Food Businesses Are Sprawling Out to New Jersey (NYT)
  • Attn Motorists: Forest Hills Police Will Enforce the Speed Limit From June 22 to 28 (DNA)
  • Florida Driver Flips Car on 47th Street in Hell’s Kitchen (Post)
  • Man Driving at High Speed Crashes Into Eastern Queens House and Dies (News)
  • No, You Can’t Use a Public Street as a Jalopy Junkyard (QChron)
  • A Long Life and Car Dependence Don’t Mix (AP)

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  • red_greenlight1

    Glad to see his mayoralship his paying lip service to vision zero.

    It’s pretty common MO for small grages and auto body shops to use on street parking as well as the sidewalk. Sometimes ones by me uses the Bike lane as additional garage space.

  • Geck

    Also this one:
    They won’t charge a Right of Way violation unless there is evidence that the pedestrian stepped off before the Don’t Walk or count-down clock started to flash. {head explodes}.

  • Flakker

    1 I’m stunned that anyone at all thinks that the problem of Westchester Square is… not enough parking. Parking in a new building. Just ridiculous. I defy anyone of any stripe to visit and think that.

    2. One thing the Junior’s article neglects is the lack of freight rail access in New York. There’s no hope of fighting industrial decline without cross-harbor rail or something like it.

  • Jesse

    This is another subtle attempt to erode pedestrian rights.

  • Joe R.

    Change the law so a person can start crossing so long as the don’t walk signal isn’t solid red. Quite a few intersections only have a few seconds of WALK signal in every light cycle. This means under current rules a person can only start crossing streets a few seconds out of every 60 or 90 seconds. That’s just ridiculous. People have places to be. They can’t wait a minute or more before crossing every single block. It’ll take forever to walk anywhere if they do that. Get rid of all these cars and you won’t even need traffic signals for people to cross streets. That’s the real source of the problem.

  • The article actually does a good job at pointing out how stupid this is. If this is going to be enforced, red lights need to be timed MUCH longer in many areas, which would infuriate drivers far more than what we have no.

  • Andres Dee

    1-second walk interval seems common in other cities I’ve visited. One unfortunate downside of the ROW law is that motorist interests will probably be pushing for shorter walk intervals.

  • Bolwerk

    Re #2: maybe, but Junior’s is probably just a supply thing. Much easier to feed Chris Christie from Burlington than it is to feed him from Queens.

    New Jersey isn’t going to beat New York on artisanal food products. The wealth such industries generate is much more likely to stay local. We aren’t going to win on square footage.

  • HamTech87

    Glad to see Streetsblog run the Junior’s article. We can’t promote transit commutes when factory jobs move to places far from it. How are those workers supposed to get to their jobs? You would think the reporter would ask that question.

    Those workers now will have significantly higher commuting expenses, while the owner gets to keep the tax and real estate savings.