Citi Bike Could Expand to 86th Street This Summer

It looks like that Phase II expansion might itself come in phases, starting later this summer. Image: Citi Bike
That Phase II expansion looks like it will start this summer. Image: Citi Bike

It looks like some parts of Manhattan north of 59th Street could be getting Citi Bike sooner than previously expected.

At a town hall hosted by Council Member Helen Rosenthal last week, DOT Manhattan Borough Commissioner Margaret Forgione said Citi Bike would expand to 86th Street by August or September, and to 110th Street “probably in March,” reports West Side Rag. Citi Bike had previously announced its intent to extend the service area to about 130th Street by the end of 2017. Last week’s meeting revealed the timetable for phasing in that expansion.

Manhattanites will have a chance to look over the final bike-share station map starting this week, following public meetings earlier this year. The Community Board 8 transportation committee, which covers the Upper East Side, is meeting Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. The CB 7 transportation committee, covering the Upper West Side, is scheduled to meet next Tuesday, May 12, at 7 p.m.

Expansion in Brooklyn — part of Citi Bike’s plan to grow from 6,000-bike system to 12,000 bikes — is set to come in phases, too, though there is no specific timetable yet.

New stations in Bed-Stuy, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg are expected to come online first, by the end of this year. DNAinfo reported last week that DOT staff say the first significant group of stations south of Atlantic Avenue will be added west of Fourth Avenue, before covering Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and parts of Crown Heights and Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

  • BBnet3000

    Good luck getting down 2nd Ave to Midtown.

  • Richard Garey

    Where are the proposed Citibike locations for the Bronx?

  • AnoNYC

    The Mott Haven, Melrose, and lower Grand Concourse sections of the Bronx should at least be targeted after expansion into Harlem (minimum). The coverage area should be continuous.

    Citi Bike is going to make a huge difference for those that would like to make trips between the Bronx and upper Manhattan within time. Right now the ability to make crosstown trips north of Midtown is very welcome.

    Can’t wait until most of the city is covered as it should be.

  • Alex

    It looks like Astoria will be last for Phase II ????

  • Maybe if a few Citibike riders get squished by trucks, DOT will grant us an extra-wide parking lane to get doored in.

  • Tyson White

    Margaret Forgione said at the meeting that they don’t like to roll it out when the weather is bad. I think that’s wrong. If they aren’t meant to be removed for the winter, what difference does it make what season it’s put in place?

  • ohnonononono

    UES and UWS certainly have the density for high usage, and probably more tourist/casual use ($$$) than say, Western Queens, Greenpoint, etc.

  • A. Scott Falk

    I can see not wanting to launch new stations at a time of extra-low usage, which would just give the opposition a needless talking point against them: “nobody even uses these stations.”

  • stairbob

    I went down 2nd last night (Thanks, Obama!). The Midtown Tunnel traffic reminded me why I avoid going that way.

  • BBnet3000

    How do you avoid it normally, the East River path?

  • stairbob

    I have been taking Broadway, lately. (And 7th for those blocks through Times Square.) It has its annoyances, too, but auto traffic is very light (and it takes you accross town “for free”). Also sometimes (rarely) 9th Avenue. East River path is too far out of the way (and doesn’t go behind the UN anyway.)

  • Matt

    Any idea when Astoria expansion is poised to be rolled out? We talking months, a year, years? It’s confusing to try to figure out what the estimated roll outs are for various neighborhoods.

  • Matt

    All I can hope for is that the citibike expansion will force Community boards to agree to better bike infrastructure in places where it’s severely lacking. Casual riders in some areas is bound to lead to disaster. LIC is going to be a shitshow.

  • Wilfried84

    I remember my first time through that meat grinder as a newbie biker, when the bike lane disappeared without warning and getting boxed in on four sides by cars trying to turn left into the tunnel. There have been times when I’ve crossed the river to avoid having to go downtown on the east side.

  • Wilfried84

    Bikelash predictions of mayhem and blood in the streets may be muted this time around, but I wonder how much NIMBY obstructionism they’ll face when they take this to the community boards. I can see the siting process getting tied in knots in fights over which buildings get begrimed by a station and which parking slots get taken away.

  • stairbob

    I mostly rode in the bus lane.

  • I really hope my building gets begrimed.

  • Tyson White

    Maybe in May 2013. But at this point, the case has been made. NIMBY seems to be the only resistance left.

    The Coalition for a Livable West Side (a group of a few individuals with a website who dedicate their lives to hard core NIMBYism) has made a list of demands among them, that no more than 10 bikes at each station, and that usage for each station should be reviewed ever 6 months, and removed if usage is low.

    I would make a deal with them that would concede to their demand, but if usage is high, the station would be doubled in size every 6 months.

  • Joe Enoch

    Expansion is contingent really on supply availability. There’s serious question marks as to who and where the bikes, parts and stations are being manufactured since Bixi filed for bankruptcy and was taken over by a Canadian furniture mogul…..

  • Matt

    Figures. Just moved from UES to Astoria too.


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