Better Protection Slated for Vernon Boulevard Bike Lane, Tweets DOT

On Tuesday, Clarence tweeted several photos of cars, including what looked like out-of-service cabs, parked in the Vernon Boulevard bikeway. “Vernon Boulevard needs barrier protection,” Clarence wrote. “This is ridiculous!”

A few hours later, DOT responded with a tweet that said there is “community support” to replace flex posts with Jersey barriers to keep drivers out, and that DOT is “currently scheduling installation.”

This is great news for people who ride on Vernon Boulevard and will pair nicely with the widened Pulaski Bridge bike path, scheduled for completion later this year.

  • RI’nder

    I passed by Vernon that day. I saw an NYPD car with sirens on (no sound) parked in front of all these cars, as well as a towing vehicle that looked like it had just set one down.

    I guessed that perhaps there had been a pile-up on the Queensboro, and that NYPD decided to use the lanes as a place to temporarily place the cars. Of course, it’s quite possible that it was for other reasons, and it was still annoying to see the usual NYPD disregard for bike lanes.

    Fully in favor of a protected lane regardless, because it’s rare to have a day where some vehicle isn’t parked or swerving into the lane.

  • Ian Turner

    This is great news.

  • BBnet3000

    to replace flex delineators w jersey barriers

    What flex delineators? I don’t see any flex delineators in the pictures Clarence posted on that tweet. I certainly hope that the spot pictured is getting those jersey barriers too.

    Jersey barriers aren’t a very forgiving design though, curbs would be less claustrophobic. Do you think its possible that they could tip the jersey barriers over into that painted buffer space?

  • Daniel

    I’ve been shocked at how much more effective flex barriers can be over paint. Four flex barriers have made one of the deadly intersections near me significantly safer. There are times when you need to bring out the concrete, but most drivers will avoid a flex barrier. I bet the problem here is the local police precinct never ticketed anyone for stopping in these lanes. A stronger mayor would just have the commander fired for dereliction of duty.

  • Colin

    Yep – I rode home via Vernon that day as well and saw the NYPD putting all of those cars in the bike lane. I never ride northbound in that bike lane – it just isn’t safe. Even if it were protected it is still a bad option for riding northbound as the lane isn’t continuous across the parks. It would be far better to have one-way protected lanes on each side of the street. I’m glad they kept the sharrows on the northbound lane. I guess that will have to do for now…

  • Colin

    There currently aren’t flex delineators on any part of Vernon Blvd. After the lane was first created there were sporadic delineators – not enough to keep lines of tractor trailers from parking in the lane in the mornings outside the Ravenswood facility. But those were all removed last year when Vernon was milled and left unpaved for 4 months…

  • Maggie

    What does that mean, when NYC DOT says “good news! We have support from community” to make the street safe. I’m struggling a little to understand what that’s referring to.

  • dave “paco” abraham

    I’ve ridden this greenway a few times recently and was completely baffled to see DOT allows southbound buses to make pick ups and drop offs directly in the protect bike lane. This horrible feature doesn’t seem to be mentioned in either the original or the more recent presentations. & How was this design ever justified? Encouraging northbound cyclists to play chicken with 5 ton buses is about as anti-Vision Zero as I can imagine.


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