Last Chance to Tell DOT How to Make Linden Boulevard Safer

DOT is accepting ideas to fix Linden Boulevard online until Tuesday. Map: DOT

Linden Boulevard is a dangerous relic of a street, a surface-level highway that rivals Queens Boulevard for sheer awfulness. If you have ideas about what needs to change on Linden Boulevard, DOT wants to hear about it.

In February, DOT hosted two public workshops for its Linden Boulevard redesign project, which covers 3.8 miles between Kings Highway, in East Flatbush, and South Conduit Avenue, near the Queens border.

Like Queens Boulevard, Linden Boulevard has center-running through lanes and service roads. People often don’t have enough time to cross the street, and the speed limit is still set at 35 mph. Since 2009, seven people have been killed in crashes along the project area, according to DOT [PDF].

The online survey and interactive map for the project will be accepting feedback for a few more days before closing down on Tuesday, April 7. The clock is ticking.

  • Moncada’s Codpiece

    Can’t speak as well further down Linden, but the intersection with Kings and Remsen is a hell scape for anyone on foot. Heck, it’s also a dubious proposition for motor traffic.

  • Simon Phearson

    Better make sure to invite all the affected CBs. You know how they hate it when the community goes around them to work with the DOT to make their communities safer and more livable.

  • Ben_Kintisch

    I had so much fun adding bike lanes to the whole corridor! Woo hoo! Next step – all streetsblog readers join the party! Click, vote, comment….have a fine old time!

  • chekpeds

    Most of the comments on the map relate to bike ?anes and trees . I wonder where are the families for safe streets in this process ? Where are the pedestrians?
    What the boulevard needs is no turns from the center lanes, only from the service lanes. It also needs signal timing to slow down the traffic and deterrent to use the sidelines for bypass.

  • douglasawillinger

    Build the Cross Brooklyn-Linear City Expressway!

    It is already a desire line. Stop having a surface street substitute for an indisputably needed grade separated below ground highway.

  • Daniel

    I added some comments about the crossings. Unfortunately my experience with this section of Linden is entirely from the windshield perspective. This is the poorest section of the street. It is lined with public housing projects and industrial uses. The best comments won’t be on the online map. The will have been collected at the workshop the DOT held last month.

  • douglasawillinger

    Read about the tunneled CBE Linear City here; also includes an earlier elevated version of the CBE:

  • Bernard Finucane

    Angled crosswalks are always a mistake. The crosswalk should be perpendicular to the street to reduce crossing times. This may require drivers to stop further back from the intersection, but that does not impede traffic in any way.

    Also parking should be on the left, not on the right in the service / slip lanes.


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