Today’s Headlines

  • More Queens Blvd Coverage: News, DNA, WNYC, WNBC, Post, Gothamist
  • Daily News Thrilled With de Blasio’s Plan for the Boulevard of Death, Including Bike Lanes
  • Schumer, Against I-95 Tolls in Connecticut, Inadvertently Makes the Case for Move NY (WCBS)
  • Families for Safe Streets, TLC Release Video to Combat Reckless Driving (Post, WNYCGothamist)
  • NY World Looks at Station-by-Station Subway Ridership Stats
  • MTA Still Working on MetroCard Replacement and Pay-by-App for MNR and LIRR (WPIX)
  • Court Grants Stay in Taxi of Tomorrow Legal Battle, Delaying Vehicle’s Rollout (NYT)
  • Taxi Industry Sues TLC, Says Uber’s Way of Doing Business Illegal (Capital, Post, News)
  • Gothamist Revisits Whimsical Manhattan Expressway Concepts of the Past
  • We’ll Never Get to Vision Zero If People Keep Acting Like This Behind the Wheel (WCBS)
  • Damned Bike Lanes (Gothamist)

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  • com63

    I keep saying this, but as a taxi passenger, the Taxi of Tomorrow is the best for passengers and when I have a choice, I hail them or request on in the airport taxi line. I hope they become more widespread whether through mandate or by choice.

  • Ian Turner

    Smart move, giving credit for the Queens Blvd redesign to the Daily News.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I plan on doing some toll shopping this weekend.

    Why, because car rental companies rip you off for using their EZ Pass, so the choice is to go out of my way or use the cash lanes.

    Because this is an issue that mostly affects the serfs, it hasn’t gotten any attention. Which is why the market hasn’t corrected this. The merger of rental care companies and the shortage of locations to site new ones has created an oligopoly like situation.

  • Clarke

    You can sign up for an EZ pass without owning a vehicle, you just have to call their service line Very easy and then you don’t have to worry about the rental company scheme.

  • Jonathan R

    Personal to Larry: buy a damn e-z pass transponder already. They are for sale at crossings in the cash lane, and you can keep it for use in any vehicle. Do an internet search for E-ZPass® On-the-Go.

  • vnm

    I don’t have a car, but I do have an E-ZPass. You can use your own to avoid the rental car ripoff and still avoid paying cash. It’s the best of both worlds. The trick is to put the rental car’s E-ZPass in an “E-ZPass read prevention bag,” so you don’t get billed through that one. If you’re going to do this, you can buy an E-ZPass at a bodega, and I think the read prevention bag comes with it.

  • com63

    Until the transponder doesn’t work at a drive through location and EZPass sends the bill to the rental car company who tacks on a fee and sends it to you. I’m not sure if there is a way to preempt this situation be contacting EZPass if the toll doesn’t post as expected.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’ll give that a try.

  • com63

    What are the going rates these days? Is it something like $5 a day just to rent the transponder? I like the Zipcar model. Transponder included, no extra fees. This should be mandatory and consumers should vote with their feet and dollars. Having a transponder is becoming almost mandatory in many locations.

    In LA, some of the carpool lanes require a transponder, even if you meet the requirements for no payment.

  • Komanoff

    Huh? That’s never happened to me in the 15+ years I’ve had E-ZPass to use in rental cars (covering hundreds of transactions). Unless you have a basis for alleging an issue (in which case, let us know), seems like you’re just fear-mongering.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The Economist channel’s Henry George, opposes development limits.

    While what they actually propose at the end of this article is somewhat reasonable, the publication also wants London’s Greenbelt filled in, which would be a mistake.

  • Bobberooni

    With medallion prices in free-fall these days, the Taxi of Tomorrow seems to be DOA. I do NOT think that Uber should be considered a street hail — other than being more efficient, it’s no different from calling a black car company on your cellphone and negotiating a price. On the other hand, we would all benefit if Uber were subject to the same safety regulations as all the other black car companies.

  • com63

    I’ve had it happen a couple of times (not with EZPass per se). One time was in a rental car! and I pulled up to a gate arm that wouldn’t register the transponder and I had to back out and go over to a manned booth. The other times happened with Fastrack in CA and I’m not sure if that is a different technology. Transponder looks the same. I complained to the rental car company the first time and they waived the transponder fee so I actually came out ahead (I had paid other tolls successfully on that trip). For the fastrack situations, the transponder was registered to the car’s license plate, so no issue there, but it definitely didn’t register a few times as we passed a reader.

    The thing with having your own transponder is that it is not affixed to the windshield, so it is not always in the optimal position if you just hold it up. I would just be wary of trying to follow up if you don’t hear it beep.

  • Jonathan R

    E-Z pass transponders don’t beep.