No Charges for Cab Driver Who Killed Two People on Bronx Sidewalk

Image: News 12
NYPD and the TLC are withholding the name of the cab driver who hit four people on a Bronx sidewalk, killing two. No charges were filed. Image: News 12

No charges have been filed against a cab driver who drove onto a sidewalk in the Bronx and killed a man and a young girl.

The crash happened at around 6:30 p.m. Friday. Reports say the 44-year-old driver, whose name is being withheld by NYPD and the Taxi and Limousine Commission, hit a parked car on a Grand Concourse service road, then crashed onto the sidewalk near a bus stop at E. 170th Street, about a block away, and ran over four people.

Kadeem Brown, 25, died at the scene. Five-year-old Tierre Clark died later at a hospital. A 55-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman, who according to some reports was Tierre’s mother, were hospitalized.

“The car came up driving on the sidewalk,” witness Ronald Luis told the Daily News. “After it hit the people, it hit the corner of the building and spun around. The whole front was smashed in.”

“On this side they were pressing on her chest — the little girl,” witness Raymond Fermin told WCBS. “I’m guessing also she couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t sure. The guy that was laying here on the floor — they weren’t giving him any treatment. I guess he was already gone.”

Photos and video footage from the scene show the heavily-damaged cab at rest against a building. WABC noted that there are cameras attached to a neighboring building.

No arrests were made and an investigation is ongoing, according to NYPD and the office of Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. News 12 reported that police believed the driver was speeding. The Daily News said NYPD was looking into whether the driver “was having a medical episode.”

“We await the findings of ongoing investigations by the NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad and the Taxi and Limousine Commission,” said Transportation Alternatives in a statement issued Saturday. “If negligence is found to be a factor, the driver must be held accountable to the full extent of the law.”

The driver’s TLC license was suspended, but such suspensions are normally temporary, pending the outcome of an NYPD investigation. If no charges are filed it’s likely this driver will remain in good standing with the TLC. An Uber driver who hit two people in Manhattan in January, killing Wesley Mensing, got his TLC license back and was reinstated by Uber after NYPD and Manhattan DA Cy Vance declined to charge him.

Robert Johnson brought no charges against the woman who drove onto a sidewalk outside a Bronx school last October, hitting 10 people and killing 8-year-old Rylee Ramos.

The crash that killed Tierre Clark and Kadeem Brown occurred in the 44th Precinct, which issued six speeding tickets in February, and in the City Council district represented by Vanessa Gibson.

  • asdfasdf

    Well, it was snowing, so what’re you gonna do? Just an accident. Could happen to anyone. I feel really sorry for the driver to have to live with this – so unlucky for him.

  • c2check

    Perhaps drive more slowly and carefully when there is snow on the ground—especially when you’re in a busy, urban area—so you don’t skid, go onto the sidewalk, kill two people, and injure two more?

    Just a thought.

  • I think asdfasdf might not have been making his comment entirely seriously, c2check. I certainly hope s/he wasn’t.

  • I’m guessing….(hoping?) that his comment was sarcasm.

  • c2check

    Sarcasm is so tricky when you deal with people who say these things completely straight-faced and serious!

  • It would be very simple to require dash cams and to have police grab existing on board data on all modern cars that shows speed and acceleration data, plus more.

  • Tyson White

    “…was having a medical episode…”

    That’s exactly what they said when Bob Simon got killed by his driver. They were fishing for highly unusual explanations other than the simple fact he was speeding, which is obvious to anyone whose seen pics of the wreckage. Later, as it turns out, the driver had a bad driving record.

  • Joe R.

    Reason #298568 for installing sidewalk bollards.

  • ally

    Pls shut the fuck up my man died here and u Srry for the cabbie who could ha’ve possibly changed the out come of this he could have swerved back on to the road and avoided the ppl o but wait then he would be risking his life, he could have pressed the breaks and not drove for 2 long ass street blocks I hope this man fucking dies in prison and gets ass fucked for the being cnt believe u feel bad for someone who had a choice to speed wen it’s snowing killing innocent ppl ,a child kadeem Brown was not a hoodlum he didn’t sag his pants and wasn’t in the street life he worked very hard to take of his family at 25 he was just a amazing person taking way to soon we had so much more to do with each other

  • CaileP091

    Feel bad for the driver????!!!!!!!!! “Medical episode”????!!!! He’ll no I don’t feel bad for the driver and I highly doubt he had a medical episode and for almost a week into this accident and his name hasn’t been released and no cause yet!!!! Disgusting!! The cab driver didnt even need medical attention his ass never made it to any er!!!! Plain and simple his ass should have beeeen charged by now!!!!!

  • dporpentine

    I don’t actually think sarcasm is okay on these threads about people dying or getting seriously injured. Streetsblog is often the only place on the internet where the people who suffer the consequences of drivers’ bad decisions get treated like human beings whose lives matter.

    I mean, I’m sure I’ve done it. But I try to check the impulse.

  • Guest

    Eric Garner – murdered by the NYPD for selling a cigarette – but there’s no wrong doing here that they can find? Did they watch the surveillance camera video? Looked like the driver was speeding to me, but then I’m not a crack NYPD “investigator”, just a layman with common sense and functioning eyes, who is not interested in white-washing these incidents for the City.

  • Chiino

    He Had a Seizure…..

  • Chiino

    He had a Seizure

  • Joe R.

    If that’s the case then he should voluntarily turn in both his hack license and his driver’s license. Someone who has seizures has no business operating a motor vehicle.

  • Chiino

    already done, also gave car to the bank

  • GamerFromDay1

    He should’ve never been Speeding!

  • GamerFromDay1

    That’s my cousin yo.Marlon and S is my cousin .I am still hurt by this.

  • mark

    If this was an Uber driver they’d have a public hanging in Central Park.

  • Francine Lawler

    Goggle Toyota Whisleblowers. .
    Sudden Unintended Aceleration is killing Familys Worldwide. ..

  • Francine Lawler

    Lets try SUA?

  • Francine Lawler

    Yep its called SHOCK from SUA!!!


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