Today’s Headlines

  • Private Trash Hauler Kills Cyclist Hoyt Jacobs in Long Island City (AMNY, NYT, Post)
  • Are de Blasio and Trottenberg Doing Enough to Prevent Cyclist Deaths? (Gothamist)
  • DMV Finally Schedules Safety Hearing Two Years After Police Struck and Killed Ryo Oyamada (Gothamist)
  • Advocates Press City to Dust Off Plans for Southern Queens Greenway (DNA)
  • Mapping Ocean Parkway’s Terrible Record of Traffic Violence (DNA)
  • Beefing Up NYC Freight Rail Will Run Into Political Resistance in Queens (QChron)
  • After NYPD “Re-engineering,” Staten Island Has No Dedicated Collision Investigation Team (Advance)
  • Motorists Get Signs They Wanted, Telling Them to Adhere to Safe Speeds on Surface Streets (QChron)
  • NYC’s 140 Speed Cams Have Nothing on the Vast Surveillance System Monitoring Straphangers (Post)
  • Damned Bike Lanes (NYT)

Streetsblog will be offline in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and resume publication tomorrow.

  • jt

    That merging of collision investigation in Staten Island is exactly an example of the misplaced priorities of NYPD. The recent slowdown made it clear – we don’t need so many police working on “broken windows” infractions. We should have more for serious issues – like traffic crashes with injuries.

  • Bolwerk

    That Queens Chronicle article is one of the NIMBYest I’ve seen in a while. A City Council member only cares about her district at the expense of the city and the community board chairman doesn’t know why he’s against it but he’s against it. Whatever “it” is.

  • Ruby Soho

    Missed one– SI is getting its first bike lane in 4-5 years, and it’s a great one:

    I’m hoping this oversight just means you’ll be doing a more full-length article on it this week, hm?

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    By no means do I see returning regular freight service back to Queens and Brooklyn as “destructive,” on the contrary it would be beneficial! These are existing rail lines that have been underutilized for the longest time, back to when trucks became the more favorable mode to transport goods rather than rail. If this plan will take an estimated 5000 trucks off local streets, trucks that threaten pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users, then even if we have to think outside the box to make this work, let’s sketch out the plans and make this work.

  • Sign a petition to keep that unit in Staten Island? Even if you’re not from here, the city cutting costs and corners on collision investigation is a concern for everyone.

  • AnoNYC

    “But one of the biggest concerns was parking. “I didn’t realize there wasn’t going to be any parking,” said committee chair Linda Jones. “I think for something that has a lot of market rate housing, the fact that there’s no parking is really going to be an issue,” she said. Isaac Henderson, project manager of L+M Development Partners, said the developer consortium undertaking this project, Delancey Associates, has been working with DOT on traffic issues. Studying the area has found that it would be too dangerous to include more parking. “Clinton and Norfolk have significant traffic issues,” Henderson said. “People use those two streets to access the bridge and it creates a very unhealthy and unsafe environment.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    Outside the box — make the connection across 135th Street or so into the south Bronx, with a loop up onto the Hell Gate Bridge for TOFC to Long Island.

    It’s a shorter water crossing, and with a long way down and back up, the tunnel would be mostly hard rock. Much cheaper than trying to go through the mud of the harbor.

  • Driver

    All that freight will be trucked from the rail yards. That’s a lot of heavy truck traffic for any neighborhood where a freight terminal is located.

  • Kevin Love

    Or better yet, charge dangerous drivers BEFORE they crash and injure or kill people.

  • Komanoff

    DNA article was hardly the first to spotlight dangerous Ocean Parkway. Daily News did it in 2001: There were almost certainly others.