Monday: Reimagine the Mess That Is Jay Street


It’s filled with double-parked cars. On just about every block, drivers stand illegally in bus stops, block the bike lane, and make illegal U-turns. If you’ve ever walked to jury duty in Brooklyn or biked over the Manhattan Bridge, you know Jay Street is chaos incarnate.

What can be done? Well, here’s a chance to make some change happen. Transportation Alternatives, Council Member Stephen Levin, and Brooklyn Community Board 2 are putting on a workshop to build some momentum to overhaul Jay Street. Bring your ideas over to 1 Metrotech on Monday at 6:30. RSVP here.

  • Eric McClure

    Please try to come out for this workshop. A packed room will go a long way toward putting Jay Street at the fore of corridors in line for redesign under Vision Zero.

  • Ben Kintisch

    I’ll be there!

  • It’s funny how a hub of city government and courts of law is such a lawless hellhole.

  • red_greenlight1

    As someone who is forced to rely on Jay Steet I’d love to be there. Sadly, I’m unable to attend.

  • Jason Culler

    Bummed I can’t attend. Can we just run a graded 2-way path straight through the center of the street and be done with it?


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