Today’s Headlines

  • Tish James Defeats Dan Squadron in Public Advocate Runoff (NYT)
  • NYPD Missing in Action When It Comes to Mass Rides of Motor Bikes (Post)
  • Two Men Involved in Sunday’s Motor Bike Chase and Attack Turn Themselves In (NYTWPIX)
  • Lhota Tells CapNY to Look at Transit-Focused Part of His Platform, Like Subway Expansion
  • TA: Pulaski Bridge Bike Lane Could Go Before Community Boards This Fall (Brownstoner Queens)
  • MTA Says 370 Bus Drivers Cited for Cell Phones, Red Light Running and More (WPIX)
  • Sidewalk Crash Victim Sian Green Appears on Dr. Oz Show, Returns to the UK (News)
  • MTA Board Will Offer Refund for New Haven Line Riders Affected by Power Failure (2nd Avenue Sagas)
  • Staten Island Wheel Mega-Development Heads to City Council Subcommittee (Advance)
  • Meet Savona Bailey-McClain, Harlem Bike Advocate (Momentum)
  • Tappan Zee Cited as Warning Example for West Coast Highway Boondoggle (Willamette Week)

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  • Jeff

    The fact that the Pulaski Bridge lane reconfiguration has to go before community boards just speaks to the ridiculousness of the role community boards play in transportation decisions. It’s a bridge. It exists primarily over water, a toll plaza, and a rail ROW. It spans two boroughs. It is not the turf of a community board. Some things are simply city-wide issues over which no community board should have veto power.

  • Anonymous

    But it will encourage those evil cyclists to visit the adjoining communities, causing untold mayhem!

    (Now seriously, I agree 100% with what you wrote.)

  • Ari

    As I understand it, any CB vote is advisory. I think DOT makes the ultimate decision.

  • Anonymous

    While this is true, their soft power is far greater than their actual role.

    It would be very difficult for the DOT to enact changes when the community board goes against them.

  • Bolwerk

    One could be excused for not noticing Lhota’s supposed interest in subway expansion.

    Cuomo’s friends in the Tea Party must be thrilled with his fiscal ineptitude though. Four moar years!

  • Seereous

    The placement of a bike docking station in Petrosino Square Park, which was opposed by the community board and elected officials, yet done anyway by the DOT, is one of myriad examples of how out of touch with reality your statement is.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be interested in seeing the other 9999 examples. The only one I remember reading recently was when the DOT decided to calm Harlem’s Boulevard of Death (aka Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.) against the wishes of the community board. And this was after seriously watering down the original proposal.

  • Anonymous

    While I am not an expert on the most important issue facing New York City–that is, the placement of Citi Bike stations in Petrosino Square–my memory is that the community board opposed it *after* it was announced, not as part of a formal review process. I don’t think they had a chance for a formal review of the sort being described here, so it’s hardly their fault for not opposing it sooner. I’m just saying that I’m pretty sure this isn’t an apples to apples comparison.