Today’s Headlines

  • TA Poll: 70 Percent of Voters Want More Protected Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Islands (News)
  • Gelinas and Komanoff Measure Cost of Metro-North Outages (Post); Schumer Wants Fed Probe (NYT)
  • DiNapoli: MTA on Firmer Ground, Should Consider Reducing Fare and Toll Hikes (CapNY 12; SAS)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Luis Bravo, 19, in Woodside (DNATimes Ledger)
  • Fewer Would-Be Cabbies Pass TLC Exam, Which Is Still Far Less Stringent Than London’s (News)
  • Lhota and de Blasio Are Simpatico in Disdain for Boro Cabs and New Medallions (CapNY)
  • Judge Tosses Case Against Commercial Driving Instructors Who Helped Applicants Cheat (News)
  • Some Mount Morris Park West Residents Are Grouchy About Years-in-the-Making Road Diet (DNA)
  • Promised Bike Markings Are on the Ground in Jersey City (BIKAS)
  • Breaking Many Traffic Laws, Cyclist Lhota Says Streets Are for Everyone (News)
  • Obama Endorses Manhattan Road Pricing (NYT)

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  • Anonymous

    “Obama Endorses Manhattan Road Pricing”. Is that tongue in cheek, or are we looking at different articles? The one I saw only says that Obama apologized to the president of Iran (cue the outrage on Fox News!) for NYC’s traffic.

  • Jeff

    As the Daily News gets more and more reasonable, the comments section gets more and more hilarious. The comments section on the article about the TA poll basically reads as if you tasked a class of third-graders to write an essay about why they don’t like the boogeyman.

  • Bolwerk

    The political narrative that has de Blasio on the far left and Lhota on the center-right is such a steaming crock; de Blasio is a little to the left of Lhota, mostly because of human rights issues (i.e., de Blasio respects human rights). If this race were only about transportation, Lhota might almost be the better candidate, at least if he didn’t hitch his wagon to coddling feudal suburbanites.

  • Matthias

    Same here.

  • JamesR

    no link about the motorcyclists vs Range Rover road rage story that’s all over the news right now?

  • Anonymous

    I am less likely to follow links from this site in the future, after following that misleading link.

  • Joe Enoch

    Lhota looks about as comfortable on that bike as an atheist at church.