Primary Day Open Thread

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Today is NYC’s most momentous day of voting in 12 years.

When the results come in later tonight, the sprawling mayoral field will be narrowed to a handful of contenders, and we’ll have a very clear picture of the next City Council. We’ll know with near certainty who will be the next comptroller, and the public advocate’s race will come into sharper focus, as will the borough president races. And we’ll know whether Charles Hynes will get a seventh term as Brooklyn DA or challenger Ken Thompson will dislodge him.

So, how are those lever machines working out?

If you haven’t decided whom to vote for yet, here, for good measure, are links to candidate info from Transportation Alternatives and Streetsblog:


  • Anonymous

    Levers worked fine for me. Haven’t used them since 2004! Really satisfying cha-ching.

  • Almost sad how low voter turnout is right now. According to my number just about as many people have voted in my district that live in one floor of our apartment complex.

  • Albert

    My lever machine was more of a “ttthunk” — but also very satisfying.

  • Albert

    My lever machine was more of a “ttthunk” — but also very satisfying.

  • Bolwerk

    Perused the endorsements of NYDN, NYP, and NYT. Apparently the paper of record is making the same thoughtless endorsements as the tabloids for pretty much the same reasons. They all endorse Lhota for the Republikan mayoral spot and a political carbon copy of Lhota for the Democratic spot. Didn’t see much talk about transportation, safe streets, bikes, public investment, or anything else that matters to the majority of the city.

    No wonder de Blasio seems like a protest vote to “progressives.” There is virtually no diversity of opinion in the MSM. It says a lot that they all picked the two candidates most likely to continue the most brutish, unlawful, and cruel Bloomberg policies though, without even much of a chance of maintaining his few good initiatives.

  • Eric McClure

    Low turnout is a huge opportunity for those of us who support safe and complete streets to have a real effect on the outcome. If that description fits you, and you haven’t voted yet, get to the polls by 9 p.m. And have a look at StreetsPAC’s list of endorsees:

  • Anxiously Awaiting Bikeshare

    As a first time lever machine voter, I was as confused as a senior citizen in Broward County trying to vote for Al Gore.

    I think I got it right, but for all I know, I did vote for Al Gore.

  • Bolwerk

    At least five Dem candidates might actually be worse than Al Gore!


TA Sends Questionnaires to Mayoral and City Council Candidates

Yesterday, Transportation Alternatives sent out questionnaires to all City Council and mayoral candidates, asking their positions on pedestrian safety, bike lanes, transit, bike-share, and traffic justice. The first responses are set to go up on TA’s website at the end of this month. TA Deputy Director Noah Budnick told Streetsblog that the organization has already heard […]