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  • Bolwerk

    Now could we get de Blasio to pay some attention to ideas like Vision42?

    For those who don’t care to click the MTR article, a commenter there suggested an environmentally friendlier alternative to the AAA that apparently also offers bicycle pickup service.

  • Kevin Love

    It is fascinating to see the conversion of Mr. de Blasio. He appears to have picked up on the Dutch and Swedish (and others!) use of Sustainable Safety concepts. Bravo!

    The cynical may question the sincerity of this conversion, but when it comes to voting, politics is inevitably about choosing the least bad candidate.

  • J

    Anyone know why CB1 voted down the bike lane proposal? Were they mad about parking? the 1-block sidewalk proposal? lane reductions? I don’t get it.

  • Daphna

    This news is so disappointing. Those downtown bike lanes were not very robust. It should have been an easy pass. The DOT should go ahead in spite of community board 1 tie vote as they did in Harlem without CB10 approval on Adam Clayton Powell. The whole community board membership needs to change. People who support livable streets need to get on their community boards. The borough President and the city council members needs to start appointing new people to the community boards and stop re-appointing all existing members who want to stay on. It is disheartening that the DOT keeps treating community boards as if they are authoritative instead of advisory-only, but since they give community boards such power, people who read streetsblog and others need to start getting on their boards.

  • TriBeCa Walka

    “The DOT should go ahead in spite of community”
    Why? Because you say so? Someone who wants others to spend time on the boards, while sitting on her butt, obsessively posting on the internet day in and day out?

    Bottom Line: We NIMBYs love our neighborhoods, we devote our evenings to fight for it. We win.