Caption Contest: Putting the “Flare” in Madison Square

Via Gothamist, this van went up in flames at Madison Square at around 11 a.m. No one was hurt, apparently, though it looks like a lot of people will have to go search for an inferior lunch spot on a beautiful day.


  • Driver

    “See? The firetrucks can’t get there because of the bike lanes!”
    -A NY Post reader

  • Anonymous

    A van parked next to Madison Square fails its emissions test.

  • Anonymous

    In the flames, you can see an image of JSK cackling: her war on cars has claimed yet another victim.

  • Anonymous

    “Van makes crucial mistake of not yielding to the Joker at crosswalk”

  • Devan

    An urban bonfire? Time to break out the marshmellows and weenies!

  • Ordinarily quiet pedestrian plaza is latest flash point in war on cars.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    ” ‘Mad’ Scene As Bloomy Ped Plaza Up In Flames”

  • carma

    “If I cant rip off those f*ing bike lanes, Im going to burn some vans”
    Anthony Weiner.

  • Joe Enoch

    Clear evidence no one uses the bike lanes.

  • John

    see what happens when you give up road space to bikes and pedestrians, the cars and trucks explode!!

  • Breaking: Citi Bikes Equipped With Rocket-Propelled Grenades

  • SteveF

    Madison Square food truck puts Flambé on the menu.

  • Joe R.

    Oh, the humanity!

  • Jaywalker

    Czarina Sadik-Khan resorts to ritual sacrifice to the bike lane gods. Drivers beware!

  • twk

    Van that realizes it is no longer the center of the universe due to complete streets commits suicide.

  • Eric McClure

    “Weiner refused to take any more questions from reporters about his campaign, then drove off in a white van, only to have it go up in flames.”

  • Anonymous

    Please keep wieners and Weiner away from the flames, please.

  • Anonymous

    Please keep wieners and Weiner away from the flames, please.

  • Anonymous

    Please keep wieners and Weiner away from the flames, please.

  • Mark Walker

    Don’t we all enjoy a nice Weinie roast?

  • Guest

    Andrew Lansa’s new concept for SBS 😉

  • Hilda

    He definitely crossed the line.

  • John

    Marcia Kramer: “Huh??? Terrorists don’t use cars or vans.. Terrorists always use bicycles to do their evil plots, and that’s a fact ( pulled out from my phat ass )….”

  • John

    Mainstream media: That’s not a van in flames!! That’s a black and orange-colored bicycle in middle of a street that’s causing huge traffic jams. thus blocking ambulances and costing human lives.. And it’s also making the stock market to drop 500 points, and making everybody’s 401K worthless. and it’s pulling a meteorite towards earth and will hit us in a few minutes.


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