Caption Contest: Putting the “Flare” in Madison Square

Via Gothamist, this van went up in flames at Madison Square at around 11 a.m. No one was hurt, apparently, though it looks like a lot of people will have to go search for an inferior lunch spot on a beautiful day.



Eyes on the Street: Madison Square, Re-Squared

From Streetsblog regular BicyclesOnly comes this shot of construction work going on now at Madison Square. More photos here, and here is DOT’s project presentation. When complete, the renovation — one of two planned for Broadway this summer — will reclaim over 37,000 sq. ft. of public space from auto traffic.

Streetfilms: The New Madison Square

Taking advantage of the beautiful mid-week weather, the Streetfilms crew headed over to Madison Square to find scores of New Yorkers enjoying a newly transformed public space. They also managed to catch up with the city staffers and community folks who made it happen. Writes Clarence: I’ve started to forget what an ugly nightmare that […]