Why Hallie Rides

Photo copyright Dmitry Gudkov

Hallie works at the nonprofit WaterAidAmerica. After seeing city after city get bike-share and then waiting two years for Citi Bike, she is thrilled the program is finally here.

“I don’t have a bike. There’s no bike storage in my building and I’m beyond the age where I want a bike in my living room.

“There’s a dock by my house, by my work, by my gym. I’m actually heading to the gym now. The other night I went to a party in TriBeCa – there was a dock right outside.

“I have heard so much complaining. People need to learn how to use the system and give it a chance. It’s new.”

  • Anonymous

    You know it’s great that StreetsBlog is focusing on why people ride Citibikes. But there are other cyclists in this city. Maybe give them a little face time as well?

  • Anonymous

    You know it’s great that StreetsBlog is focusing on why people ride Citibikes. But there are other cyclists in this city. Maybe give them a little face time as well?

  • Driver
  • Well, 2-4 at least.

  • Jesse

    I think they’re trying to focus on people who are adopting bike transportation because of Citibikes. The ability to grow the modal share and increase local support for new bike infrastructure is one of the reasons regular bike commuters were excited about Citibike long before it even started.

  • Daphna

    She looks amazing. She is a good example showing that you can bike even when dressed up.

  • Anonymous

    Good point!

  • Anonymous

    I’m worried that Citibike is drowning out other bike related issues. I believe that Citibike trips account for a minority of bike trips in this city yet are drowning out other cyclists. StreetsBlog should continue to focus on other cyclists as well.

  • Yes–plus–biking keeps you looking young, folks! It’s true!

  • Streetsblog has not lost it’s focus on issues of concern to cyclists: Street safety, NYPD crash investigation practices, new infrastructure, coverage of bikes from a political angle. Dmitry Gudkov did the “Why so-and-so Bikes” profile series for a several month stretch before there was any Citibike. I don'[t know this for a fact but I imagine thatseries stopped b/c Streetsblog didn’t have the money to pay for it. Please donate to Streetsblog today if you want to see Dmitry’s series continue! I’m sure he would include non-citibike cyclists.

  • Kevin Love

    I love the “Why John Doe Rides” series. It puts names and faces to bike share users. It shows the many, many ways in which bike share fills in the gaps in urban transportation.

    Most importantly, it shows that people who ride bikes are real human beings whose transportation needs deserve to be taken seriously

  • Anonymous

    Citibike is kinda of a big deal, cycling-wise in New York right now.

  • Anonymous

    Yes but its not the end all and be all of cycling in the city. I firmly beloved it represents a minority of biking in NYC. Hence why I’m happy to see that StreetsBlog returned to more balanced coverage today.

  • Miles Bader

    NYC’s traditional bike mode-share is microscopic, and has been that way for ages…. it doesn’t seem surprising that people are really interested in new developments.


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