Today’s Headlines

  • 2013: Weiner Announces (News, NYT); “Bill de Blasio Drives” (NYT); Q Poll: Runoff Likely (WSJ)
  • Metro-North and Amtrak Expected to Resume Full Service Today (NYT)
  • NYC Bike-Share Modeled on the Best of Other Systems (NYT)
  • Post Doubles Down on Fabricated FDNY Story After Bikes Removed From W. 13th Street Station
  • Bike Lover Thrilled Not to Have Bikes in Front of Co-Op (DNA); Bike-Share Bashing Now a Post Beat
  • In Broad Daylight, Bronx Town Car Driver Seriously Injures 11-Year-Old Boy and Flees Scene (News 12)
  • At Least One Child Hospitalized With Serious Injuries After School Bus Crash in Kensington (DNA)
  • David Greenfield Wants Cameras to Catch Drivers Who Pass School Buses; Golden Says No (News)
  • On-Call Firefighters Slam Into Car at SI Intersection Where Residents Want Stop Sign (Advance)
  • Reactions to Fourth Avenue Traffic-Calming Plan, From Park Slope to Bay Ridge (Bklyn Paper)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: Hype Aside, MTA Has No Reason to Cede Transit Terminal for “Low Line” Park

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  • Anonymous
  • Bolwerk

    I was pretty “anybody but Quinn,” but Weiner may actually be worse. At least on streets/transit issues, maybe not civil rights.

  • Mark Walker

    You’re probably right. But I’m willing to let bygones be bygones if he changes course. Advocating at least some livable streets policies might set him apart from the pack. OK, file this under Unduly Optimistic. But I won’t dismiss him until he opens his mouth.

  • Daphna

    I was looking forward to the Taxi of Tomorrow. I was upset when first it was challenged on a supposed disability requirement and then on the supposed hybrid requirement. While not perfect, the Taxi of Tomorrow would have meant the whole fleet of NYC yellow taxis would be minivans with sliding doors. Those sliding doors would be lifesavers! Dramatically fewer cyclists would be doored! There would be so many fewer injuries and some fewer deaths. For the sliding door feature alone, I supported the Taxi of Tomorrow concept.

    I thought Bloomberg’s initiative was very good. But instead NYC will be stuck with a fleet of mostly sedans and SUVs which all have doors that present serious danger to cyclists since drivers and passengers often do not look before opening.

  • Bolwerk

    Sure, I’ll forgive anybody. But they should at least show signs of rehabilitation first.

    (And, I don’t mean Weiner’s Twitter scandal. I actually think that was out of bounds as a concern for politics.)

  • Daphna

    Regarding the NY Post piece on the bikeshare docking station at 175 West 13th Street: The NY Post fabricates a story then follows it up the next day with another story praising the good results they think were the result of their fabricated story. Why not provide news to the public instead? Do NY Post editors think that these lies are what people want to read? Do they fabricate stories to win advertisers and readers??

    I hope the DOT had previously planned to remove the 8 docks and were not reacting to the false NY Post story. I wish they had only removed 4 docks as they did at 99 Bank Street (the other NIMBY complainers) rather than 8. I also wish they had elongated the docking station on either end with the docks that were removed from the center rather than leaving it with fewer docks overall.

    I hope all the people involved who perpetrated this misinformation feel ashamed of themselves: Lawyer Steven Shore, Reporters Julia Marsh, Amber Sutherland, Kevin Fasick, Antonio Antenucci, co-op residents Dave Marcus and Mrs. Edward Liss. Their antics are costing the city money and are lessening a transportation option for the public.

  • Anonymous

    It’s inexcusable to make a large fleet order that isn’t (i) ADA compliant and (ii) Hybrid.

    The ADA requires “reasonable accommodations ” and given that every single London Taxi is handicap accessible, indicates that they did not give “reasonable accommodations” to disabled individuals. We want our disabled brothers and sisters to be mobile and not have to rely solely on Access-A-Rides. And if you’re concerned about street safety, which I know you are, you know that Access-A-Rides are probably the scariest vehicles to be around while on bicycle.

    Re: Hybrid. The cost savings would’ve paid for itself. This is a bulk order so we’d get great pricing. Plus the obvious Environmental impact.

    I’d prefer sliding doors as well. No reason it can’t have (i) sliding doors (ii) hybrid and (iii) ADA Compliant.

  • moocow

    Pure gold: Why not provide news to the public instead?

  • The good thing about having such easily reconfigurable docking stations is that next year, when residents complain that there aren’t enough bikes, they can put them back.

  • Brad Aaron

    More agenda-driven gossip from the Post.

  • Anonymous

    As I understand it, London cabs, although wheelchair accessible, are not ADA compliant. I don’t think every cab needs to be ADA compliant (and larger and less fuel efficient as a result). People in the outer boroughs somehow manage calling rather than hailing cabs. I do think hybrids are important, but the cab owners are slimy, complaining about fuel efficiency requirements and then complaining about the absence of hybrids on the next go round. The City and Nissan should simply offer a hybrid version of the taxi of tomorrow.

  • guest

    you can bet your sweet dippy that DOT removed the docks due to the media attention. What other possible explanation is there?

  • Anonymous

    As I understand it, London cabs, although wheelchair accessible, are not ADA compliant.

    That’s arguable. The advocacy group Taxis for All was pissed that they weren’t wheelchair accessible and even cited London as their preferred model. TLC claims that London isn’t ADA compliant because those require slooping entries ways and higher ceilings (think Access-A-Ride). I’m not a ADA litigator so I cannot speak to the compliance though I think handicap accessible seems like a reasonable accommodation to me when taken in conjunction with the existing system of calling for Access-A-Rides.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s hilarious how Gene Freidman puts on his best Blanche DuBois act when it comes to those scandalous, scandalous words he alleges the mayor used.

  • Joe R.

    I don’t blame Bloomberg for being angry. Talk about a missed opportunity. Sliding doors on all the taxis would have been great. The only thing I would have done differently is go with straight electrics instead of hybrids. With the sheer number of taxis in Manhattan, that would have made a notable difference in air quality. I really hope Bloomberg follows through on his threat. Taxis are half the traffic in Manhattan, and nearly invariably the worst drivers.