Today’s Headlines

  • NBBL Lawyer Jim Walden Spreading Misinformation About Bike Lanes to Manhattan CB 8 (DNA)
  • Maps 2013 North American Start-Ups (TransNat)
  • MTA Board Postpones Decision on How to Use “Extra” $40M (TransNat)
  • City Planning Certifies Bloomberg’s East Midtown Rezoning Plan (DNA)
  • Select Bus Service Coming to Webster Avenue in June (News)
  • Post-Sandy Rockaways Commute Made Worse by Overcrowding on the Q53 (NY1)
  • MTA to Expand Williamsburg Bus Service; “Activist” Says There’s Too Much Traffic Already (Bklyn Paper)
  • Renovated Smith-Ninth Street Station Reopens Friday (News)
  • TLC Pilot Program Tests Six Electric Taxis (NewsCapNY)
  • One Motorcyclist Killed, One Seriously Injured in Separate Crashes Yesterday (DNA 1, 2)
  • Man Carjacks Cab in Chelsea, Crashes on NJ Sidewalk After Police Chase (NYT, Post)
  • NYPD Officers Arrested for DWI Apparently Never Too Drunk to Refuse BAC Test (PostNews)

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  • first headline is wrong. Tish James’ forum is tomorrow, Wednesday… not tonight, Tuesday.

  • Walden is terrible. Pure political play.

  • It needs to become a city rule that any cop who refuses a breathalyzer test immediately forfeits his badge and pension.

  • Anonymous

    Some pretty great quotes from Eric McClure in that DNA article about Walden’s anti-bike hobbyhorsing. Love that he described Walden as “chasing ambulances”! Puts the right question into the heads of Walden’s potential clients: “Do we go with someone with a good reputation or someone who’s known as an ambulance chaser?” To say nothing of being an ambulance chaser who’s not even bright enough to file suit on time . . .

  • What data is Walden talking about that they forced the DOT to release that shows injuries went up? Is he still talking about that one accident in 2010 that injuried four people as his evidence? I would love to see accident and injury data for the last fives years on PPW. Anyone have a link to that?

  • If I had a nickel for every time one of Jim Walden’s clients said they’re not against bike lanes, just the one on PPW, I could give the money to NBBL so they could stop using Gibson Dunn’s services pro bono.

  • Bolwerk

    The North Side of Williamsburg went from being positively sleepy to traffic-clogged in the past few years. That “activist” may be dumb, but she’s probably right for the wrong reason.

    The lesson? Surface transit needs to be included traffic planning. MTA has no say in traffic planning, and can’t do anything except add, move, or remove buses.

  • Agree with you. Those buses are going to be insanely slow because the what clogs Wythe Ave (I used to live there) is primarily commercial traffic and buses don’t get people out of trucks . . . I understand they’re limited — Wythe is the only southbound choice since Kent became one-way. And Driggs is far and already has a bus. Too bad we don’t have true BRT in New York.