Updated Bike-Share Map Appears to Show Phased Rollout Plan

The initial bike-share service area will include the stations in blue, with stations in gray slated to come online later in 2013. Image: ##http://a841-tfpweb.nyc.gov/bikeshare/station-map/##DOT##

We’ve known since December that Hurricane Sandy shrank the initial rollout of bike-share from 420 stations to 293, with an expansion promised by the end of 2013. We also knew that this meant the service area would, at first, not include Long Island City and parts of north Brooklyn. We just didn’t know exactly where.

Now, an updated bike-share map (via reader @J_uptown) on DOT’s website shows that the initial rollout will encompass Manhattan south of Central Park and an area of Brooklyn bounded roughly by Atlantic Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Flushing Avenue, and the East River. The second phase will include LIC, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bedford Stuyvesant east of Nostrand Avenue. Three stations in Manhattan, at Pier 42, on 60th Street near First Avenue, and on Fifth Avenue at 63rd Street, are also part of the second phase.

Site selection for a third phase, which would bring the system up to the original goal of 10,000 bikes at 600 stations, is still in progress, according to the DOT site, and would include Manhattan up to 79th Street, Sunnyside in Queens, and Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Crown Heights south of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Those stations aren’t expected to be added this year, judging by DOT’s December announcement.

At a City Council transportation committee meeting earlier this month, DOT staff said that rollout is scheduled for the spring. DOT has told community boards to expect to see stations on the street beginning sometime in April (launch isn’t expected before May — it takes a few weeks to set up all the stations), and some are already appearing ready for deployment.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Hoo-rah! The station just a few feet from my front door will be in the first round of roll-out! Can’t wait for the full system, but you better believe my wife and I both will be getting annual memberships on the first day.

  • Anon

    It really makes me happy to see that there is no station on the UES. I guess we don’t ride bikes. Hey, maybe that’s why we don’t have useable bike lanes, protected bike lanes or even traffic signs to lock up bikes when we try to ride.

  • Mike

    It’s not like anyone bikes in Williamsburg or Greenpoint.

  • Eric McClure

    Anon, some lady was almost hit by a delivery bike last week on Park Avenue, so bike share has been eliminated from the Upper East Side.

  • I can understand the desire for greater coverage — I’d love to have a station closer to my neighborhood — but I don’t get the carping. This is a sign that the launch is getting closer to reality, and this is the area they can cover given the available resources. If they put stations on the UES or in Greenpoint now, then Clinton Hill or Fort Greene would have to wait instead. It’s good to see some of the less affluent blocks of northwest Brooklyn get access to stations right away.

    In any case, like every other bike-share system, this one is going to expand after launch.

  • carma

    looking at all these blue dots is a sight of beauty. lets hurry up and get this thing up and running. my errands running all around midtown would be so much easier.

  • kevdflb

    Just because the UES is the richest, doesn’t mean it deserves the first, best and most of everything.
    Other neighborhoods are waiting too. Hopefully the gradual roll out will continue until far more of the city is covered. You have to start somewhere.

  • A year late and half the size? Sounds like a standard Alta deployment.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Will the proposed system in Hoboken / Jersey City be compatible with CitiBike when it comes out? Not the necessarily the bikes and the stations but memberships and key cards. It would be the only logical thing to do but I’m not exactly holding my breath.


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