Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg, With Gore, Talks Sandy Recovery and Preparing for the Next Storm: NYT, CapNYGrist
  • Lhota Pegs Sandy’s Damage to MTA at $5 Billion as He Makes Case to Congress (NYTCapNY)
  • Lhota Reportage Takes Root in Will-He-Won’t-He Territory (News, NYT)
  • Weak BAC Evidence a Blessing for Pedestrian Killer Kevin Spellman (R’dale Press, NYT, News, Post)
  • Staten Island Motorists Comprehend the Folly of Maximized Ferris Wheel Parking (DNA)
  • MLS Fetes Players and Fans at PR Rally for Proposed Queens Stadium (CapNY)
  • Gothamist, DNA Preview Pedestrian Bridge Connecting DUMBO to Brooklyn Heights
  • Hank Paulson: Business Mogul, Treasury Secretary, Nascent Urbanist? (NYT)
  • AP Picks Up Red Light Cam Suit; New Jersey PSA Lays Bare the Piggishness Behind It
  • Imagine If Being Killed By a NYC Motorist Was as Rare as Being Shoved Onto Subway Tracks
  • Sleep Tight, Manhattan: Cy Vance Has Your Back (Gothamist)

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  • Anonymous

    Study Reveals Young People Are Safer Cycling Than They Are Driving: .

    (Not to mention the passengers of the young people, and the people around them!)

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here is a project someone needs to take on: people do not know what those dashed lines in bike lanes at the approach to intersections mean.

    I happened to be on a bus last night.  The bus was outside the bike lane and tried to move right to a stop as a cyclist came roaring up on the right, but fortunately the driver saw him and a collision was averted.

    So I passed on some friendly advice to the driver that he needs to move into the bike lane at the dotted line if he is going right, to cut off bicycles coming up from behind, and the bicycles should move left if they are going straight.  So now he knows, but not the cyclist.

  • jrab

    Larry, that’s a good point. The great thing about MTA buses is that they ALWAYS signal, so cyclists need to know not to pass a bus on the right when the bus has its right blinker on.

    (The poor thing about MTA buses is that their drivers are taught to honk when they are coming up behind bicyclists.)

  • Jjmacjohnson

    That is not really DUMBO but the lower Heights that horrible bridge is connecting to. Does Dumbo now go to Carrol Gardens on the water front?

  • Joe R.

    I really never have any problems mixing it up with buses. It’s pretty obvious when they’re going to stop, so I just back off enough to let them go right, then pass them on the left. It’s actually lots of fun jockeying back and forth with a bus late nights when they average about the same speed with stops as I do staying in motion. I pass them at a stop, a few blocks later they come roaring past, and I pass them at the next stop, etc. Sometimes this goes on for miles. MTA buses also always seem to give a wide berth when passing me. Even when I’m in the next lane, they’ll often still swing as wide as they can.

  • Why doesn’t Henry Paulson make these recommendations for the U.S.? Obviously, the air quality problem is much worse in China. America needs a lot of improvement in the “liveable city” department. 

  • If you note the bus number and file a complaint, they’ll follow up. For once I think this really is just an “education” issue.