Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Goes to Washington for Aid Appeal (NYTCapNY)
  • New Yorkers Give High Marks to MTA, Acknowledge Climate Change in Siena Poll (NYT)
  • MTA Considering LaGuardia Express Buses From Downtown Brooklyn and Other Sites (CapNY, SAS)
  • J and Z Trains Are Running to Broad Street This Morning (SAS)
  • Citing Baseless AAA Report, Lawsuit Seeks to “Shut Down” Red Light Cameras (Post)
  • Lander: School Rezonings Put Kids at Risk From Fourth Avenue Traffic (Bklyn Spoke)
  • TA Scavengers to Document Harrowing Conditions on Deadly Queens Boulevard (DNA)
  • Five Children Injured When Driver Rear-Ends School Bus in Morrisania (DNA)
  • New Jersey Prosecutors Use “Black Box” Data to Help Convict DWI Killer (Broadsheet)
  • Developers Will Break Ground for Hudson Yards Complex Today (News)
  • Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance to Host Sheridan Town Hall on Wednesday (MTR)
  • NYT: Bloomberg Asked Hillary Clinton to Run for Mayor; CapNY: Quinn Declares Her Independence

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Somebody should get in a car on a weekday in the mid-morning (not rush hour) and drive around NYC highways at the speed limit.  With three people with cameras in the other seats. 

  • Anonymous

    Better yet, Larry, organize a convoy. Two cars going the speed limit all the way through Queens Blvd and back. Organize several. 

  • Eric McClure

    Neighbors for Better Red Light Enforcement. Despicable.

  • Larry, I’ve done this experiment the last few times I’ve rented a Zipcar, although I didn’t set up a camera. Drove 30 mph on local streets, including the 4th Avenue speedway, and slowed down for yellow lights instead of trying to beat them. I can’t tell you how often I was honked at and how many drivers made very aggressive moves to get around me.  If the streets aren’t safe for safe drivers, they can’t very well be safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Anonymous

    This looks cool.  Could revolutinize night bike riding.

  • Bolwerk

    There is perhaps no word in American politics more obnoxious than “independent.” It’s usually a roundabout way of admitting you’re not quite as much of a right-wing nut as the self-identifying “conservatives,” but still despise deviance, critical thinking, and neurodiversity.

    Hello Christine Quinn, soccer mom.