Today’s Headlines

  • DOT Study: Business Booming Near Plazas, Select Bus Routes, and Bike Lanes (News, Post)
  • It’s Been Two Months and Seven Days, And There’s Still No TZB Transit Task Force (MTR)
  • What Bronxites Want: Metro-North Service, Finished Bronx River Greenway (DNA)
  • Meet the Candidates Vying for Corrupt Larry Seabrook’s Old City Council Seat (NYT)
  • Work on First Phase of Queens Greenway Approaching Completion (DNA)
  • Post: MTA Debt Service, Pension and Health Care Costs Make Fare Hike Inevitable
  • NYC Subways — Can’t Put Up With ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Hudson Yards Developer Looking to Change Its Deal With the MTA (Post)
  • Shoup on Disabled Placard Reform: It Can Be Done! (LA Times)
  • Have You Seen This Bike Thief? (YouTube)

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  • Jeff

    I’m very impressed with the maturity and restraint on behalf of the Post and Daily News with respect to their articles on complete streets and retail revenue.  I was expecting the articles to wrap up with something along the lines of, “Of course, none of this is relevant, because bikes and people are totally lame, and cars totally rock.”

  • Anonymous

    The Post and Daily News don’t have a unified voice when it comes to cycling; it depends on the section. For example, when it comes to celebrities, bikes are OK: see this article about Russell Crowe being chased by paparazzi on bikes:

    Note the conspicuous absence of comments about Crowe or the paparazzi almost hitting pedestrians, running red lights, or going the wrong way. I would bet they did some of those things during the “frantic chase”. Of course, it helps that the reporter is a cyclist too.

  • Jmaximowicz

    No lock on that bike? It doesn’t justify the theft, but it’s not surprising. Also interesting that the thief has his pant leg already rolled up. I feel like there’s more to this story.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The big news of the day:  the Islanders hockey
    team to the Barlcays Center in 2015.


    So the question is, from a “livable
    streets” perspective, should the Islanders and Nets be playing, and other
    large gatherings for other purposes take place, in an arena at the intersection
    of Flatbush and Atlantic?


    Or in a less congested and more auto accessible
    place such as the site of the Nassau Colosseum or Izod Center because people
    are going to drive anyway? 


    Or should such large gatherings not take place anywhere?

  • kevd

    Well, Larry – 

    I believe that there is no better location for an 18,000 seat arena in all of NYC.
    (Not defending eminent domain, or sweetheart deals of politically connected developers)

    I also think if that there IS such an arena – that arena should have lots of events.

    If traffic and parking is too much of a problem: 
    1) Residential Parking Permits
    2) increased meter rates (park smart)
    3) meters in operation later
    4) Flatbush Avenue BRT


  • Larry Littlefield

    Here’s a great quote:

    “Volvo sees autonomous vehicles as part of its strategy toward its goal of eliminating deaths among people driving its cars by 2020.”

  • Guest

    A big BOO EFFING WHO to the person who is crying about their stolen bike, left unlocked on the brooklyn street. C’mon mang. 

  • fj

    Sandy: a potential billion-dollar storm for the mid-Atlantic and New England