Today’s Headlines

  • Pelagia Zingtapan, 65, Killed by Cab Driver on UES; No Criminality Suspected (Post 1, 2DNA, News)
  • Unlicensed Drunk Driver Slams Into Airport Van Near Radio City, Injuring Four (NewsDNA)
  • High-Speed Collision in Midwood Kills Motorist; No Criminality Suspected (Post)
  • Even Pete Donohue’s MTA Fare Hike Analysis Includes a Gratuitous Swipe at Cyclists
  • Vendors Hauling Food Carts, Some by Car, Through Downtown Brooklyn Bike Lanes (Bklyn Paper)
  • DOT Proposes Bike Lanes for Long Island City (NY1)
  • Kips Bay School Building May Be Replaced by Sanitation Garage (DNA)
  • MTA Web Site’s Trip Planning Tool Gets an Upgrade (Advance)
  • Cap’n Transit Wishes the Media Would Get It Right When Reporting on the Tappan Zee
  • Times Transpo Beat: Is That Really @JoeLhota on The Twitter?

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  • I saw the airport van yesterday parked near the 54th Street (Midtown North) precinct. I guess that means it is being saved for an investigation. The damage was unbelievable.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Only the hordes of bicyclists will escape.”
    Doesn’t he mean the very small number of bicyclists occupying  the huge amount of space the evil Transportation Commissioner has stolen from drivers?

    “The culinary-minded lane-hoggers — who can be spotted on weekday mornings hauling the carts by hand.”

    I’ve seen lots of non-motorized stuff with wheels in bike lanes.  And the truth is I don’t mind — I wouldn’t say they should be out in motor vehicle traffic or on the sidewalk.

    “Some street vendors even block bike lanes while towing their carts by car,”

    That’s bad.

  • A. Browne

    Other “hordes” of people who will escape fare increases:

    – People who walk to work.  They pay no “fare” to walk on city sidewalks.  Freeloaders!
    – People who drive exclusively within one borough. Those wealthy Upper East Siders pile their kids into black Escalades and drive them ten blocks to private school.  They will avoid toll increases AND fare increases and they still get to ride into the CBD for free!

    I know of nothing in any legal document that says that New Yorkers, whether they drive, walk or bike, have any sort of civic duty to ride the subway.

  • Eric McClure

    I thought that Pete Donohue line was a throwaway. Not worth worrying about.  Then again, it IS the Daily News.

  • Eric McClure

    Of course the cabbie won’t be charged.  He only failed to exercise due care, was most likely speeding if he “accelerated to beat a yellow light,” and exhibited a depraved indifference to human life.  That’s not criminal in Ray Kelly’s book.

  • Anonymous

    Stolen Hummer crashes into BBQ restaurant in Chelsea:

    This is awful on so many levels.