Today’s Headlines

  • Cab Plan Injunction Could Cost City $1 Billion (Capital, News)
  • Lhota Says Pension and Health Care Costs 100 Percent to Blame for Fare Hikes … (News)
  • … And Is Echoed by Daily News Editorial Writers, Letting Albany Deadbeats Off the Hook
  • Cuomo Appoints Campaign Donor to Port Authority Board (Transpo Nation)
  • Lower East Side Underground Park Approved by Community Board 3 Committee (Lo-Down, DNA)
  • Expanded Williamsburg Walks Begins This Saturday (Bklyn Paper)
  • Two Astoria Business Owners Speak Out Against Newtown Avenue Ped Plaza (DNA)
  • Bronx Woman Charged With Manslaughter for Intentionally Running Over Teen Boyfriend (DNA, News)
  • Car-Part Thieves Fleeing New Rochelle Cops Crash in the Bronx; 1 Dead (WABC)
  • Neistat Copycat Uses Ladder to Lift Bike (DNA)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “The hikes will not pay for restoring service cuts or enhancing station cleanliness or speeding the installation of countdown clocks across the subway system. There will be no money for those or other improvements because the added funds are already locked up for transit workers.”

    Actually, there is no money for transit workers either.  It’s all going to the retired.

    “Letting Albany Deadbeats Off the Hook.”

    I don’t think you can call them Albany deadbeats this year.  The problem is, they were deadbeats for a couple of decades, and that ran up the debt.  Which is where else the money is going.

    Older generations robbed the MTA.  The same problem is present throughout government.  In the state legislature, the are still in charge, and they are still digging the hole deeper to postpone the full reckoning until they are gone.

    Transit workers are part of the NYC pension system.  It is so deep in the hole, that the city is intentionally underfunding its pensions by $2 billion to avoid devastating cuts.  Those cuts will come later, with interest.  Another off the books debt.  NIMTO (Not in my term of office) says Mayor Bloomberg.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “An unfavorable decision for the city could require drastic slashing of services to cover lost medallion money.”

    Not true.  It only affects the timing of that drastic slashing of services/tax increases, not the reality of it..

  • Anonymous

    Is the NYPD actually investigating a stolen bike? It was my understanding that the standard operating procedure was to laugh at the person reporting the stolen bike.

  • J

    How is intentionally running over someone with a car manslaughter and not murder? Just goes to show once again, that if you want to kill someone, do it with a car.

  • Anonymous

    @Uptowner13:disqus  You’re right: how can it be “manslaughter”? Look at this line from the News article: “She never stopped — she just kept going,” said Franklin’s sister, Nereida Yasmin Santos, 24. “She ran over his whole body. She did it twice. She intentionally did it.”

  • Cab Plan Injunction Could Cost City $1 Billion (Capital, News)Lhota Says Pension and Health Care Costs 100 Percent to Blame for Fare Hikes … (News)
    This needs a summary article of some sort! Cuomo’s new MTA chief is screwing the MTA long-term. Something my friends in OWS don’t realize, I should add, when they protest the MTA instead of the crooks robbing them—kinda hard to explain that the MTA isn’t the enemy, that it’s ours, and it’s the State and even our D leaders, not just the usual conservatives.

  • > I don’t think you can call them Albany deadbeats this year.  The problem is, they were deadbeats for a couple of decades, and that ran up the debt.  Which is where else the money is going.

    If banktsters can get cheap/easy/free money from the Fed discount window, why can’t the State of NY? Interest rates are insanely low: borrow away, refinance the debt, put the system back on the road to fiscal health, and also have the happy consequence of putting more people to work, making the system work better, and having more people use it, bringing in more revenue, and increasing the tax base, too.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here’s something interesting with regard to the Nets move to Brooklyn.

    “Over the past 20 years, baseball and basketball teams have returned to urban cores, forging close ties with nearby corporate titans that can pay top dollar for premium seating.”

    “In moving to San Francisco, the Warriors are following in the footsteps of nearly the entire NBA. Of the 22 NBA arenas built since 1992, 20 are in downtown areas, about half of which replaced arenas that were outside city centers. Baseball has followed a similar trajectory, even though its stadiums require more seats and parking spaces. Since Baltimore’s Camden Yards ushered in the retro ballpark era in 1992, most of the 21 new baseball stadiums have been built in and around city centers.”

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