NYPD Crash Report: 12 City Pedestrians, Five Cyclists Killed in April

Image: NYPD

Seventeen vulnerable users were killed on city streets in April, according to the latest NYPD crash data report [PDF].

City-wide, 12 pedestrians and five cyclists were fatally struck by drivers: three pedestrians and one cyclist in Manhattan; three pedestrians and one cyclist in the Bronx; four pedestrians and two cyclists in Brooklyn; one pedestrian and one cyclist in Queens; and one pedestrian in Staten Island.

Across the city, 934 pedestrians and 316 cyclists were hurt in collisions with motor vehicles. Per NYPD policy, few if any of these crashes were investigated by trained officers.

Five motorists and six passengers died in the city in April; 1,662 and 1,799 were injured, respectively.

There were 16,244 motor vehicle crashes in the city last month. After the jump: contributing factors for crashes resulting in injury and death.

Image: NYPD
  • Ben Kintisch

    Yikes. You take a look at the list and many of the contributing factors are in that vague category which Haley and Diego’s Law was meant to cover – drivers being reckless and causing bodily harm or death with their vehicles. Why, then, NYPD, and NYC DA’s, are so few drivers who kill and maim being brought to justice?

  • Anonymous

    In April, the NYPD issued nearly two and a half times as many summons for cell phone use while driving than they did for speeding. Yet speeding caused over 30 times more traffic injuries than cell phone use that same month. This is exactly why we need this data: it exposes just how misplaced the NYPD’s traffic enforcement priorities are.

  • Anonymous

    @ohhleary:disqus — I wouldn’t trust the figures for cell phone use. They probably list it as a factor only when the driver voluntarily admits to using a cellphone, and any rational, self-interested driver won’t. In theory they could subpoena the phone records, but I think that’s very rare, especially for non-fatal crashes.

    I wouldn’t trust the figures for speeding either. I suspect that most crashes involving speeding are not investigated thoroughly enough to determine vehicle speed. And again, the driver has an incentive to deny speeding, and witnesses impressions are subjective.

  • Jkspinning

    “Across the city, 934 pedestrians and 316 cyclists were hurt in collisions with motor vehicles.”  A missing bit of data is how many motorists/passengers were injured in these crashes.  I suspect it would be rather lop-sided.