Eyes on the Street: Eighth Avenue Protected Bike Lane Heads North

Photo: Niles Ray

Reader Niles Ray sends in this bird’s-eye view of bike lane construction on Eighth Avenue at 37th Street.

The extension of protected bike lanes on Eighth and Ninth Avenues was proposed by DOT last year, and won subsequent community board approval. The lanes and pedestrian islands will provide safer passage for cyclists and pedestrians north to 59th Street, providing access to the huge numbers of jobs in west Midtown.

  • ChevyLvrNy

     It will be Interesting to see how the current unsafe situation plays out in front of the New Yorker Hotel Just North of 34th Street, I Bike this route often, And anyone who does can attest that Enforcement is absent for the many Illegal parked, Double parked, And in instances triple parked Limousines. Just wondering if the new path will be an unenforced, unofficial Limousine, Taxi stand, Parking lane or something.

  • m to the i

    I hope that the DOT learns to put the bike symbols and sharrows in the correct position of the mixing zone for these new lanes. A painted left turn arrow for motorists also would make a lot of sense. Look, San Francisco knows how to do it right. 

  • J

    Very exciting. This is a really big deal. Also, it looks like drivers are already respecting the new lane, which shows that protected bike lanes are becoming familiar sights in the city. Via @Shmuli on Twitter:

  • Ben from Bed Stuy

    Thank goodness for some good news in the safe streets world when we’re mourning several cyclist deaths this month. Bike month has been lots of fun for so many New Yorkers, but in the meantime, more needless deaths and injuries occur this and every month. So, if you’re thinking about speaking up for safer streets, or staying quiet, speak up. Remember those we’ve lost, remember your latest close call, and let your voice for safety be heard.

  • J

    @bfeff4917aa033e8709035ac922d7971:disqus From what @shmuli:twitter said in his tweet, it was likely the hotel staff and the taxi drivers that made compliance happen so quickly next to the New Yorker Hotel (see my previous post). Taxi drivers may actually like not having to cross paths so much with cyclists. It’s stressful for both parties.

  • Workers were moving the plastic bike lane barriers about one bike lane’s width to the right in front of the Port Authority this morning, presumably to add a bike lane there.

    Does anyone know what the configuration will be there? Hopefully bikes will not be placed at the curb where the taxi pickup occurs.

    Funny ride this morning.  Most of the work is half-painted and parking is still at the curb, and yet drivers seemed to tolerate my taking the left lane quite easily. Confusing paint as traffic calming?

  • Niles

    The DOT presentation from last year indicated a possible 2-phase installation – 34th-42nd, and then 42nd to 59th, but I noticed markings at least as far as 48th today. Any word as to whether any sidewalk extensions are planned north of 42nd? They were mentioned as a possibility previously.

  • Daphna

    To Steve O.
    From 39th to 42nd Street on 8th Avenue there will not be a curbside parking protected bike lane.  Instead there will be a painted bike lane (but not projected) for part of those 3 blocks, and for one block it will only be sharrows.

  • Thanks Daphna.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  • @NYC_DOT:twitter replied to me on Twitter:

    @eveostay Barriers were moved to help with lane                                                 alignment of new roadway config, allowing for wider shared lane b/t 39-42 Sts.

    @eveostay For the majority of 8th Ave, the travel lanes                                         will be 10ft to provide room for the bike path along the west curb (34-39 & 43-CC).

    Great to see they are responsive and thoughtful. A wider shared lane sounds like an improvement for 39-42.

  • J

    @ba385022a2a5a4f2ca2700c25f3d96af:disqus TA sent me an email update that said that 8th Ave would be extended up to 59th in May. I’m assuming that 9th Ave will be done sometime later. This seems to Jive with what @twitter-9403902:disqus heard from DOT on Twitter. Very exciting to see the whole 8th Ave done in one go. It was such a disaster before.

  • J

    Also Tweeted by @NYC_DOT:disqus  :
    @NYC_DOT When will Ninth Avenue bike lane construction start?
    Réduire Répondre  Retweeter  Favori7:55 – 15 Mai 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Détails1 hNYC DOT ? @NYC_DOT@dasheaves 9th Ave resurfacing: 5/18. Partial lane markings: 5/21. Remainder of project by 6/18. All dates subject to weather delays.Réduire Répondre  Retweeter  Favori12:11 – 15 Mai 12 via HootSuite · Détails1 hDashiell Eaves ? @DashEaves@NYC_DOT remainder of project includes bike lane?Déplier Répondre  Retweeter  Favori1 hNYC DOT ? @NYC_DOT@dasheaves Yes, a bike lane is included. Details:http://on.nyc.gov/Jha2kM (PDF)Déplier Répondre  Retweeter  Favori1 hDashiell Eaves ? @DashEaves@NYC_DOT hey, I really appreciate the info! Thanks so much.

  • J

    To clarify last comment, it looks like DOT will be resurfacing 9th Ave, beginning May 18th, and will install the markings, including bike lanes afterward, beginning May 21st. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by June 18th. Awesome!

  • CTP

    Nobody here has obviously actually ridden the new lanes! The enemy is pedestrians! This is being treated as an extended sidewalk and – this is not hyperbole – thus is A TOTAL DISASTER! I ride up 6th and 8th to midtown most weekdays and have plenty of experience in this area.
    It’s absolutely brutal at rush hours.
    They really need to install a barrier to keep pedestrians from milling onto the sidewalk.


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