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  • Outer Boro Biker

    Sad to see Gridlock Sam ruining a really nice plan with this bike tolling mishegoss.

  • Outer Boro Biker

    Sad to see Gridlock Sam ruining a really nice plan with this bike tolling mishegoss.

  • kevd

    I’d gladly pay a toll if I could ride to Jersey south of 170-whateverth-Dear-God-this-is-so-far-north St.

  • PaulCJr

    I would pay a toll, especially if it means proper up keep of the cycle path.

  • Driverbikerwalker

    Remove every single bike from New York City (as I’m sure many politicians would like to do) and drivers would still be faced with punishing traffic, crumbling infrastructure, toll-shopping trucks…and the desperate need to come up with some fare-based solution to it all.  The free ride on the East River Bridges has to end some time, bikes or no bikes.

    Given these facts, congestion pricing should not be sold on the backs of bike commuters, many of whom are also car drivers and all of whom are taxpayers.  I’m sure my tax dollars and drivers license fees more than cover the wear and tear I place on city roads when I bike or walk to work.

    Take this to its logical conclusion: the next time the city wants to install a pedestrian plaza pedestrians should be forced to pay an entry fee for its upkeep.  I mean, if you’re going to take something away from motorists it’s only fair, right?

  • vnm

    There is also this nugget from the NYT:

    GM turns to MTV to help get young people interested in cars again.

  • It makes no economic sense to charge cyclists a toll to cross East River bridges unless the City either plans to allow bikes to travel in traffic lanes, and charge all vehicles a toll, or charge everyone who wishes to cross, or enter the bridge a toll. Money spent constructing the toll stations and paying employees is likely to far exceed any tolls collected.

    Cyclists also make the City’s bridges safer during off hours when there’s little pedestrian traffic. Charge a toll and you’ll have less people on the bridges at night or during the winter and the crime rate will increase.

  • KillMoto

    I ride, rain or shine.  Ever try paying a toll when riding a motorcycle?  It’s difficult.  But it’s 10x harder when geared up for rain protection. 

    If I have to stop, dismount, take off rain jacket, dig a wadded up dollar bill out of a sweaty pocket to pay a toll, I won’t do it. 

    and I won’t  mount an EZ pass to my bike, either. 

  • Joe R.

    @twitter-19831590:disqus You make a good point about cyclists making bridges safer during the night. Actually, the same can be said about city streets in general. I’m pretty alert when riding, and will definitely either report suspicious activity to police, or even intervene if I feel I can do so successfully. Just for those reasons alone, cyclists shouldn’t be tolled to use existing infrastructure. Brand new bike only bridges perhaps, but not existing bridges.

    @c44dc01f8107c1b33104b538f33b734d:disqus Yep, the logistics of paying a toll while on a bicycle kind of make the entire idea rather silly. I would certainly refuse to mount on EZ Pass on my bike as well.

  • Bolwerk

    Cyclist tolling is a really silly concept. I don’t buy there is a lot of hope for cycle commuting in NYC, for pretty obvious geographic and climate-related reasons, but discouraging it just seems about as batty as you can get. 

  • I’d gladly shove two quarters up my ass and hand them over every day to some schlub by the river.

  • kevd

    Guys, no one is going to toll bikes over existing paths.
    Don’t worry about it.
    It is even less likely than congestion pricing for cars.

  • vnm

    @c44dc01f8107c1b33104b538f33b734d:disqus I mounted an E-ZPass to my motorcycle and it’s been a thing of beauty.  The toll is lower. No fishing around pockets. The gate zips up right as you enter. Makes you feel like a king. 

  • fj

    While nuclear and electric cars are red herrings and urgent build outs at wartime speed should be in extreme efficiency and existing methods and apparatus . . .

    Tech titan Bill Gates says the world needs to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050 to avoid planetary catastrophe

  • fj

    New York to Beijing in two hours without leaving the ground?