Today’s Headlines

  • Botched NYPD Investigation a Gift for Unlicensed Driver Who Killed Clara Heyworth (Gothamist)
  • Hit-and-Run Killer of Staten Island Cyclist Ronald Tillman Still at Large (Advance)
  • Off-Duty Police Sergeant Hits Parked Car in the Bronx, Refuses to Take Breath Test (News)
  • Tri-State Launches Radio Campaign for Tappan Zee Transit (MTR)
  • Bronxites Wary of Truck Traffic From FreshDirect Harlem River Yards Warehouse (NYT)
  • Residents Protest Upper East Side Waste Transfer Station (DNA)
  • West Village Sculptor to Install R2-D2 Bollard After Studio Rammed by Van Driver (DNA)
  • Dangerous Streets, Unreliable Transit Make New York Less Livable for Seniors (News)
  • Annoying Taxi TVs May Be Replaced by Annoying But More Functional Tablets (NYT)
  • Future Refrain of Lazy City Journos: “The Cyclist Was Not Wearing an Airbag” (Gothamist)

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  • NYPD needs to institute a simple rule: all officers who refuse a breath test get fired automatically. 

  • Anonymous

    The NY1 lead story this morning is about rising gas prices.  Ho-hum.

  • Pete

    Out of curiosity, where does the money go on those extremely annoying Taxi TV’s?  It’s not discounting my fare, it’s not going to the driver, so who actually benefits?

  • Bolwerk

    @e6c6b10fb9defc8425213d60a7fc2f3d:disqus : I was wondering that too. The only thing I could come up with is maybe it offsets the processing fees for the credit cards? 

  • Bolwerk

    Okay, what is this radio campaign going to accomplish?  Are the blue collar guys driving around listening to Rush and Hannity gonna want transit or something? 

  • Matt

    give them some credit, maybe they want other people taking transit so their roads can be clear