Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Makes Five-Year Contract Offer to TWU (NY1)
  • TWU Wants Wage Increases Pegged to Inflation, Hints at Slowdowns (WSJ)
  • 57% of NYers Oppose Cuomo’s Controversial Plan for Aqueduct Convention Center (NYT)
  • Queens Convention Center Plan Brings Greenway-vs.-Railway Debate to the Forefront (QChron)
  • DOT Seeking Speed Cam Legislation to Help Bring Down Traffic Deaths in Queens (TimesLedger)
  • Schumer Throwing His Weight Behind Albany-Buffalo HSR (AP)
  • How About an At-Grade Crosswalk Instead of a Ped Bridge With Fencing Over Navy Street? (Bklyn Paper)
  • Lew Fidler Likely Leaving City Council for Green Pastures of Kruger’s State Senate Seat (News)
  • Questions to Ask the Next Time You Hear Someone Suggest Licensing Cyclists (Bklyn Spoke)

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  • 9 Carat Stoner

    I’m so happy for Lew Fidler, or as Streetsblog commenters know him, “Lew from Brooklyn.” Once he is firmly settled in Carl Kruger’s seat up in Albany (Lew: I recommend wiping down the seat with bleach) he can finally begin to implement his ambitious 9 CARAT STONE plan to fund the MTA and provide New Yorkers with hydrogen-powered automobiles.

    Lew will finally be able to show us that his plan was real, he wasn’t simply just throwing it out there as a distraction and an attempt to kill congestion pricing.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The TWU wants a cost of living increase for the next five years.  Anything less would be unfair, they say.

    For everyone else, anything more than a cost of living increase for the next five years AND the past three years together, INCLUDING the cost of their pensions compared with the increase (or decrease) in pension contributions by private sector employers, would be unfair.

    Since their pay increased at double the rate of inflation for the past three years, and most workers have seen their pay fall compared with inflation, they’ve got a lot of catching up to do just on cash pay compared with the serfs they (and others) have screwed.  But no one says so.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that when the general public has been robbed by their backers, the pols don’t say so, perhaps because there is nothing in it for them in doing so.