Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo: Cannibalizing Transit Funds “Will Create Jobs and Get Economy Back on Track” (TransNat)
  • The Governor’s Wheeling and Dealing Feeds the Rest of the State By Starving NYC (WSJ)
  • Transit Advocates Pledge to Make Voices Heard Loud and Clear (CapitalNY)
  • Kabak: Make Suburbs Pay for Lost MTA Revenue
  • Restoring the 2010 Service Cuts? Won’t Happen as Long as MTA Budget Keeps Disintegrating (News)
  • 83 Percent of Likely NYC Voters Support Stepped Up Speeding Enforcement (WSJ)
  • Hakeem Jeffries: Require NYPD Officers to Live in Five Boroughs (AP via @noahbudnick)
  • Danger at Navy Street Footbridge, Where Kids Hurl Bricks and Rocks at Passing Cyclists (Bklyn Paper)
  • Silver Pleads For Cuomo to Sign Borough Taxi Bill (NY1)
  • Fascinating Stats Compiled From HopStop Searches

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  • carma

    interesting stats on hopstop.  im very surprised dc beats ny in biking around.  i figure they count their bike share in the stats.

    whats ny waiting for.  lets hurry up that bike share.

  • krstrois

    Getting NYPD out of the protective shell that is the squad car would go a long way toward improving pretty much every part of city life. 

  • Cab driver jumps curb at 54th & 6th, pins woman against scaffolding.

  • Mike

    The footbridge is actually over Navy Street.

  • @d8d46f16f380afef59ca318522397233:disqus , I think DC beats NYC in biking on the Hopstop results because they compared biking as a percentage of all hopstop trips.  Because hopstop mainly give bike, walking, and transit directions the percentage of all commuters who might use hopstop is greater in NY than in DC.  
    So if for instance DC and NY both had 8% bike commuters that would be compared to 75% not driving in NY and only 40% not driving in DC, that makes the hopstop bike share in DC much larger.

  • carma

    Gotcha on that.  still interesting findings nevertheless.

  • Andrew

    I wouldn’t read too much into the HopStop stats.  They basically exclude any trip taken frequently – I might go to HopStop to find the best way to get to a bar I’ve never been to before, but I’m not going to ask HopStop how I should get to work.  Yet I go to work five days a week but only go to the bar once.