Get Hypnotized By Boris Bikes

Dr. Martin Austwick created this animation of bike-share usage in London on October 4, 2010, when transit workers were on strike. It’s totally spellbinding.

Bonus game for the geeks in the house — before you hit play, leave your best guess in the comments about the time of day when the system hits peak usage.

Hat tip to David Alpert at Greater Greater Washington for the video.

  • JK

    This animation needs a cool, Clarence soundtrack to be complete.

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    JK is right, it does need a soundtrack, but other than that I had to rub my eyes when done. It does tend to spellbind and fascinate. Thanks!

  • -full data is up online:

    -as the bikes don’t have GPS, the routing (and speed) is inferred, it probably misses out on back road options and holdups. Now, if the boris bikes were instrumented, you could build up a map of how people cycle round the city and where the holdups were…

  • Forrest Lamb

    I can see a healthier America on multiple fronts – air quality, physical fitness, congestion, etc

  • ZA

    Suggest: Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar” or one of its remixes.

  • Marty Barfowitz

    This is what’s at stake, folks.

    If the Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes, the New York Post, CBS2, Jimmy Vacca and the rest of these bike backlashers have their way, NYC will never ever get a public bike sharing program up and running. It would be a huge loss. And for what? To score some political points against Bloomberg and his transportation commissioner.

  • And if you sit on your hands and don’t call your City Council members and community boards and write letters-to-the-editors as this program starts to be unveiled, you can bet that New York will lag the rest of the developed world on this front, too. This means you, dear reader.


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