Today’s Headlines

  • Rising Seas Could Threaten Coastal Brooklyn and Queens This Century (NYT)
  • City Planning Study Endorses Rail, Buses, Town Centers for Staten Island’s North Shore (NY1)
  • Two Queens Kids Playing in Front Yard Seriously Injured By Driver Crashing Through Fence (PostNews)
  • 12-Year-Old Critically Injured Crossing 116th Street at Second Avenue (News)
  • Drunk Driver Critically Injures High-Schooler Walking on City Island Sidewalk (Post)
  • Astoria Residents Still Rallying to Fix Deadly 21st Avenue (NY1WCBS)
  • Marcia Kramer Finds Marine Beach Pedestrian Refuge an “Island of Trouble” (CBS 2)
  • Bloomberg Opposes Easing Alternate Side Parking Regulations (WSJ)
  • Forty Percent of Staten Island Access-A-Ride Customers Must Now Take Bus (Advance)
  • Labor Negotiator, Congestion Pricing Advocate Ted Kheel Dies at Age 96 (NYT)
  • Pete Donohue: Kingsbridge Rd Station Highlights Effects of Station Agent Cuts (News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    From the Marcia Kramer piece:

    “You know of a dangerous road near where you live and are wondering whose bright idea it was to make it that way? Well, please click here.”

    Boy is that asking for it.

    Meanwhile, Marica ought to move to Florida, where they have their priorties straight and an 87 year old WWII vet and father of the current Mets GM was mown down over the weekend.

  • 12 Year old critically injured by motorist:

    From the article it sounds like NYPD’s policy is not to charge a motorist seriously injuring a pedestrian as long as they show contrition sufficient to satisfy the officers on the scene. And Noah, maybe you have more info than me but I read the DN story to say that the poor girl critically injured in East Harlem was crossing E. 116th St. mid-block, not crossing Second Avenue where traffic calming has been postponed.

    Kramer’s “Island of Deception”: I took it upon myself to advise Marcia Kramer of a certain “Boulevard of Death” in Queens. I asked whose bright idea it was to design such a wide highway-like roadway in the middle of an urban area with nothing to protect pedestrians.

    Bloomberg Resists Alt-Side Rule Revision: Good for Bloomberg. Especially if we are about to get a parking reform proposal in PlaNYC 2.0, no point in giving anything away now. (Although it may be a mistake to venerate the longevity of the alt-side rules as a rationale for not easing them, in case there is a proposal to eliminate free parking altogether). Note that 20 of 31 council members have signed on the proposed easing of alt-side rules. The curbside welfare crowd has a huge stake in their free parking spaces, and politicians know it. What would happen if pols perceived that non-motorists understood the value to them of alternative uses of the parking lanes other than as a subsidy to the curbside parkers?

  • Noah Kazis

    Thanks BicyclesOnly, for reading more closely than me. Fixed.

  • It’s really high time for a new Streetfilm: “Marcia Mania: Kramer’s Greatest Hit Jobs.”

  • How fitting is it that on the day that a car mows down a couple of kids playing in their own front yard in Queens (among numerous other incidences of automotive destruction and mayhem in the Tri-State region), we see Marcia Kramer ranting about highly speculative potential dangers of a small pedestrian safety project in Brooklyn. She is truly the worst of what NYC local TV media has to offer.

  • From Astoria residents
    Wow they want to put a speed bump on 21st Avenue. That street could use some narrowing but come on speed bumps, I thought we had moved past that. What ineffective solution. The north side has a 4ft, suburban style, joke of a sidewalk. Obviously it would be much more expensive but a real solution would be to widen that sidewalk to something that can actually be used and narrow the traffic lanes.

  • Or maybe some chicanes.

  • Every time I get to thinking that it would make sense to weaken the office of the mayor and strengthen the city council, something like 20-some council members getting behind Ydanis Rodriquez’s moronic alternate-side parking proposal comes along to snap me out of it.

    “Easing parking restrictions would cut down on pollution from idling cars?” How about just turning off the engines until the alternate-side window ends?

  • I just don’t get Marcia Kramer. Is this an elaborate hoax? Is she trying to shame drivers by using these ridiculous arguments? Or is she mentally unstable?