Caption Contest: Shelly’s Lifetime Supply of Free Parking

shelly_placard.jpgPhoto courtesy of the Daily Politics

Why is Rochester Mayor and lieutenant governor-in-waiting Robert Duffy presenting this novelty oversized parking placard to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver?

The occasion was a ribbon-cutting for a parking structure that just re-opened in downtown Rochester. Back in 2006, an exit ramp of the South Avenue Garage collapsed. Miraculously, no cars were harmed, writes the local NBC affiliate. Now, thanks to $12 million in state assistance, the structure is back at full strength performing its essential task: generating traffic.

According to the City of Rochester’s website, Assembly members David Gantt and Joseph Morelle were also indispensable in securing the needed funds, which were disbursed through Empire State Development and the New York State Dormitory Authority.

Silver flew over to Rochester last week for the ribbon-cutting, telling the assembled, “For there to be any growth in job creation, there must be a strong foundation of infrastructure that supports economic activity.” (In other news, the MTA capital plan has a $9 billion hole, and New York City transit riders are putting up with worse service thanks in part to the state’s theft of more than $100 million in dedicated transit taxes.)

Even from this oblique angle, you can tell that the speaker is absolutely delighted to receive this token of Rochester’s gratitude. But those of us who didn’t attend can only guess at the exchange that took place between Duffy and Silver at the very moment the picture was snapped.

Give us your captions in the comments.

UPDATE: I know a Marty Barfowitz victory is sort of predictable, but Barfowitz wins. (Note: The last time we did a caption contest, someone beat Barfowitz. It can be done.)

  • mike

    Thanks to Shelly’s blocking of congestion pricing and bridge tolls, our streets will continue to be “free” lifetime parking lots.

  • “Thanks Mr. Mayor! Now I have a lifetime spot in Rochester too!”

  • If Shelly can arrange to pave over all of downtown Rochester and completely defund mass transit throughout the state, he’ll get 72 virgins in paradise.

  • What does it take to kick jerks like Silver out of the Democratic party?

  • Bolwerk

    Caption: “With friends like Shelly, who needs the Republikans?”

    @Billy: Jerks like Silver are the Democratic Party. Of all the myths in American politics, few are more ass-backwards than the narrative of the “liberal/left” Dems duking it out with the “conservative/right” Republicans. Not only are the parties misnamed (Democrats are republicans, Republikans are a fascistic junta), but the only actual conservatives you’ll find in American politics are found in the Democratic fold.

  • Peter from Stuy Town

    Duffy is just showing the man some compassion. He might not be this evil if his mother hadn’t named him Sheldon.

  • Duffy: “Aren’t you afraid New York voters will realize that, you know, it’s funny because it’s true?”

    Silver: “Not those schmucks.”

  • Is the contest over!
    I think the headline should read “Rochester Snubs Silver, Gives Him a Place to Park HIS A..!”

  • Billy, which livable-streets-friendly Democratic Assemblymember would you propose replacing Silver with?

  • Bolwerk

    Cap’n Transit: how about a yellow dog?

  • This permit also covers my staff of sixty AND their Lincoln Navigators, right?

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Where on my bike will this huge thing fit? NOT.

  • Moses Hurwitz

    “Thanks Duff’, but it’s kinda far from my apartment.”

  • Edward Re

    “Here’s a free parking voucher. But as they say, nothing comes for free! Thanks for my son’s asthma. :)”
    (mine don’t have it ..yet)

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Thanks, Bob, but I’ve never had a problem finding an open parking spot in Downtown Rochester. I mean, look at this city. It’s fucking dead.

  • Peter from Stuy Town

    How we finally nailed Shelly: NY State officials can neither offer or accept any gifts valued above $50.

    Not that this has ever stopped either of these two…I’m just sayin’….

  • Peter, I don’t think lifetime parking in Rochester is worth $50.

  • Peter from Stuy Town

    Aw, Alon, that’s just plain mean! Rochester sure ain’t NYC, but it’s a perfectly fine little city.


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