Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Fare Hike Plans Expand: 1-Day, 14-Day Passes To End, Bridge and Tunnel Tolls Up (Post
  • Suburban Park-and-Ride Prices Rise, Too (SAS
  • Ben Kabak Grabs Subway Ridership and Reliability Graphs Showing Pre-Service Cut Trends
  • In Wake of Service Cuts, Commuter Vans Come Even to the Upper East Side (Metro)
  • New Willis Ave. Bridge, Now With Bike Lanes, Sails Into Place (Post
  • Has NYPD Figured Out a Foolproof Way to End Traffic Ticket Favoritism? (Post)
  • Don’t Trust Commuter Rail’s Reliability Stats, Says NYT
  • LIRR Struggles With New Generation of Cashless Passengers (WSJ)
  • Schneiderman No-Towing Loophole Closed, and Fast (Daily Politics)
  • Anti-Espada Sentiment Gels Around Gus Rivera (Gotham Gazette)

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    “Automotive X Prize: Team TW4XP hoping for a three-wheeled win”

    In the running for the Automotive X Prize, the 200-kg 2-person TW4XP electric powered vehicle with pedal-powered option potentially embarks on the critical path to the future of mobility.

  • Glenn

    Now we just need ticket writers to have no fear of reprisals and let the system sort out who has real placards or not.

  • Car Free Nation

    I don’t understand why the increase in tolls is always in the same or approximate percentage as that for fares.

    Why only a 25 or 50 cent increase on the bridge tolls? Don’t we need money for transit? Don’t we want to discourage commuting by private car. Let’s make it $5 extra.

  • Must-see video on future of Chinese mobility.

  • The Post reports that the rationale for phasing out the fun pass was to end scamming, but after seeing what taxi and mass transit rates are in some other cities, I’m OK with higher increases in (or even elimination of) the one-week card as well. You see tourists taking pictures of each other in the subway, it’s like an attraction in itself. Let’s charge accordingly.

  • If you look closely at the picture of the new Willis Ave. Bridge in the Post, it shows the combined bike/ped path on the right hand side. How nice it would be to integrate that pathway with a completed protected bike corridor on First/Second!

  • chuck

    The only thing that’s really distressing me about the MTA Bridge & Tunnel toll hike, is that it further makes the Brooklyn/Manhattan Bridges a more attractive option for drivers trying to enter Manhattan from Brooklyn.

    When will they toll the “free” bridges? What the MTA gives with one hand, it takes away with the other.

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