Today’s Headlines

  • Goldsmith Calls Congestion Pricing "Terrific," "Imperative," "Even More Valuable Now" (Transpo Nation
  • Fiscal Crisis May Force MTA to Cut All Funding to Nassau County’s Long Island Bus (MTR)
  • MTA Works With OpenPlans to Provide Real-Time Bus Locations (Transpo Nation)
  • East River Plaza Popular Among Some East Harlemites, But Garage Sure Isn’t (News)
  • Historic SoHo Parking Garage Replaced With Ultra-Lux Apartments (WSJ)  
  • High-Speed Chase Robbers Charged With Murder in Nun’s Death, Police Escape Notice (News
  • 90-Year-Old Queens Grandmother Miraculously Survives Being Hit By School Bus Driver (Post
  • Right on Cue, East Village Businesses Carp About Bus and Bike Lanes (NY1
  • No Resolution Yet to Riverside Park Bicycling Restrictions (DNAInfo)
  • New Hampshire DOT: Skimping on Road Upkeep Early Costs 6-14x More Later (Infrastructurist)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Fiscal Crisis May Force MTA to Cut All Funding to Nassau County’s Long Island Bus.”

    Perhaps now people can understand the thinking behind the proposed “Regional Bus Authority,” so low subsidy NYC buses would not be separate from high-subsidy suburban buses.

    It’s hard for me to see another justification. After all, if one organization is running buses from Montauk to Port Jervis, where would its President be located, and how often would he actually see any of what they would be in charge of?

    Next step? Cutting all MTA funding for NYC buses, unless NYC pays more. Etc. After all, all those dedicated taxes are going to be swallowed by debt service and retiree costs, if they ever make it to the MTA to begin with.

  • Car Free Nation

    Goldsmith is going to get my hopes up only to have them dashed when some corrupt state elected official decides that he’s not getting enough of a handout.

    Rather than to pay for transit, why not use the Congestion Pricing fees to fund the public employee pension funds?

  • kaja

    > Rather than to pay for transit, why not use the Congestion Pricing fees to fund the public employee pension funds?

    How about we stop paying our goddamned Albany taxes, and send the checks to City Hall instead?

  • “The distraught-looking bus driver was questioned at the crash site, but no charges are expected, police said.”

    Hey Ray Kelly, maybe it’s time to develop a new crash-scene investigation protocol. “No charges are expected” is getting a little tired.

  • What’s with this theme of saying “hit by school bus driver” instead of “hit by school bus?” The woman wasn’t hit by the driver; she was hit by the bus. The driver was operating the bus. Had she been hit by the driver, that would suggest that the driver got out of the bus and punched her in the face, which is in fact not what happened.

  • J:Lai

    nanterking – I disagree. Saying someone was “hit by a school bus” or “hit by a car” disassociates the driver of the vehicle from personal responsibility. The set of actions and decisions leading to the person being physically by the vehicle was made by the driver. If we start assigning blame or volition to the vehicles, it takes away frm the responsibility that should lie on the drivers.

  • JamesR

    re: the Riverside Park cycling restrictions – the article uses the old “would-be Lance Armstrong” trope when referring to cyclists. What will it take to kill this off? I’m tired of seeing it and it needs to go. Just because you’re riding a road bike does not make you a Lance wannabe.

    And as for the question the article raises about why Copenhagen and Amsterdam can get away with successful shared spaces and we can’t: I’m not sure that the culture here allows for the kind of modal harmony that those cities enjoy. The social contract here is too weak for great shared spaces to thrive absent strict enforcement of the actions of all parties involved, and in our case, the enforcers are some of the most flagrant and frequent violators.

  • P

    Ray LaHood is speaking in a progressive transportation forum now, here:

  • J:Lai,

    I understand the rationale, and the distinction they are trying to make. It just seems that it makes it unclear, since it’s not unheard of for drivers to get out of their vehicles and get into physical altercations with cyclists/pedestrians.

    Something along the lines of, “the driver struck the pedestrian with the school bus” would be more clear.

    I also think the vast majority of the time, if you just say that the vehicle struck the individual, people are not going to assume the vehicle was Carrie.

  • Here’s Tunnel Garage, and the medallion, before demolition