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  • Larry Littlefield

    The expansion of bicycle infrastructure in Philadelphia is very meaningful, because the city is absolutely broke due to past debts and pension obligations, and its public services, which were already bad, are getting much worse.

    But bicycle transportation is so cheap that it is something the city can do for people, and those who cashed in and moved out can’t take away.

    If only there were similar affordable alteratives to other public services. Home schooling via computer? Fee-based public parks? These might work for the affluent, but not the rest.

  • kapes

    Why question that forcing buses to detour would increase travel time?
    There should be an exclusive Bus/Bike lane that continues on Broadway through both Times and Herald squares. A little taste of BRT.
    Frankly I think all of Broadway in Midtown should be Bus and 2 way bike but…. baby steps.