Today’s Headlines

  • Drum Major Institute to Feds: Stop the War on Cities (Times Union)
  • SI Rep Janelle Hyer-Spencer Masters MTA Blame Game (SAS)
  • Turning City Bus Kills Queens Grandmother in Ozone Park (Post)
  • Four Crossing Guards Hired to Help Peds Endangered By West Street Traffic (Tri Trib)
  • Vacca Intros Bill Requiring TLC to Disclose Cabbie Summonses Each Month (Post)
  • Got a Question About Robert Moses? Ask Author Roberta Gratz (City Room)
  • Pedestrian-Hater Andrea Peyser: "Real NYers" Love Wal-Mart (Post)
  • Soon India Will Have a Second Ultra-Cheap Car Hogging Space on Chaotic Streets (Wheels)
  • Parking Reform Politics: How to Bribe Our Way Out of Parking Minimums (Yglesias)
  • San Francisco Gets Its First Green Bike Lane (Streetsblog SF)

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  • Peter Smith

    i’m a bonafide bus hater, but i don’t think that should disqualify me from asking, are buses really compatible with our urban fabric? if there’s no real way to protect walkers and bikers from them, then we have to get rid of them. but we shouldn’t just brush off each new death as no big deal because at least it was a bus instead of a car. every life is sacred.

  • Life is risk; the issue at hand is not that deaths exist, but how many deaths there are. You wouldn’t want to ban a mode of transportation every time it runs someone over for the same reason you wouldn’t want to tear down a neighborhood every time there’s a murder there. The reason cars are a problem isn’t that they kill a few people; it’s that they kill a lot of people.