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  • vnm

    The Daily News and the Albany Times-Union are reporting that Pedro Espada is proposing to toll the East River bridges to fund student MetroCards.

  • My biggest problem with the space hog crackdown is that, at 1:30, it’s not against the rules to take up two seats. I’ve written about this recently and came to the conclusion that the cops are not aware of the rules. Transit’s Rule of Conducts say that a passenger shall not “(1) occupy more than one seat on a station, platform or conveyance when to do so would interfere or tend to interfere with the operation of the Authority’s transit system or the comfort of other passengers.”

    There’s no way some guy stretching out on an empty train at 1:30 or 2 a.m. is interfering with the operation of the system or the comfort of other passengers. Yet, because of the Transit Adjudication Bureau’s guilty-before-innocent assumption, it’s nearly impossible to fight these tickets.

  • Does it qualify as a reversal if Espada’s proposal doesn’t include the Harlem River bridges?

  • Mike

    No, then it qualifies as a screw Brooklyn/Queens and benefit Bronx and Westchester proposal. Although I’d certainly still take tolls on the East River bridges if that’s all I could get.

    Is that true? I figured there had to be some sort of nasty catch if it was coming from Espada. Sort of like his wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing rent regulation bill.

  • Doug

    I can’t wait for some genius pro-parking politician to introduce a bill proposing a grace period to the grace period.

  • The nasty catch is that Espada wants the revenue to be restricted to paying for student Metrocards. Since the student Metrocards are only $214 million total, that means that the tolls would be too low to provide much of a deterrent to driving.

  • Oh wait, the News says “as long as the projected $500 million in annual revenue goes toward helping the MTA avert program cuts like the elimination of the free student MetroCards” (emphasis mine). It all depends what your definition of “like” is, then.

  • Wow, something that actually makes the five-minute grace period look intelligent by comparison!

    Congratulations, Tony Kornheiser!

    Speaking of the parking grace period, we went three weeks last fall without our side of the block getting swept, due to the abundance of fallen leaves filling up the sweepers and necessitating more frequent stops for emptying — a by-product of the alternate-side periods being shortened from three hours to 90 minutes so as not to overly “inconvenience” car owners. With the 90 minutes being shaved to 85, maybe we can make it through the fall without having the street swept at all.

    Thanks, City Council!

  • Cap’n: Today’s City Room (see today’s Today’s Headlines) says:

    Under Mr. Espada’s plan, revenue from the tolls -– which would be implemented on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queensboro and Williamsburg Bridges -– would go directly toward restoring discounted student fares. He estimated that $525 million could be generated by the tolls, and he said that any excess revenue could finance other operating costs at the transportation authority.

    (And yeah, I saw that Komanoff said it’ll be more like $280M.)