Today’s Headlines

  • News Calls Out Lawmakers for MTA Hearing Hypocrisy
  • Students Score MetroCard Meeting With Walder; Bloomberg and Paterson Still MIA (News)
  • José Peralta vs. Hiram Monserrate: Pick Your Poison, Queens Voters (News)
  • Subway Intercoms Deemed Less Helpful Than Station Agents (AMNY)
  • Crane Operators Indicted for Manslaughter; Families of Diego and Hayley Still Waiting for Justice (NYT)
  • Car Thieves Kill Bronx Teen in Horrific Hit-and-Run (News, City Room)
  • "Simply an Accident": No Charges for Driver Who Killed One, Injured Four in Church Parking Lot (NY1)
  • Urbanist Development in Flushing? Not If Merchants and CB 7 Have Their Way (Post, YN)
  • Middle Village Parking Crisis Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor (News)
  • Someone Tell Chuck: Gas Prices on the Rise, Expected to Hit $3 a Gallon by Spring (News)
  • Michael Viviano

    The old saying is “Nothing in life is free.” These people in Queens are paying in happiness for their parking.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here is an interesting article comparing transit and development patterns in New York, London, Paris and Berlin.

  • The merchants demand: “parking rates that are permanently capped.”

    Given the fact of inflation, that is absolutely absurd. If the price of a subway ride had been permanently capped 50 years ago, it would still be 15 cents.

    The dollar buys much less than it did 50 years ago. But these merchants want parking in 2060 to still be priced in 2010 dollars.

  • J:Lai

    I see no problem with the situation in Middle Village. Let drivers fight it out for their scarce (because underpriced) spots, and eventually people will starting taking the J train or one of the many bus lines that serve this area.