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  • Mike


    Already, advocates and lawmakers say they detect a softening of DOT’s approach. In a meet-and-greet earlier this year with new Council Transportation Committee chair Jimmy Vacca, Sadik- Khan assured him that DOT’s focus would be on easing conditions for drivers, saying: “DOT acknowledges that the transit infrastructure of New York City is roads.”

  • Check out that story on the Busy Bee re-opening. Pretty crazy. Turns out the owner is a retired police detective, whose defense of buying up stolen bikes is thus: “To these kids [ie, Busy Bee employees], ‘hot’ — it doesn’t mean stolen,” he said. “It just means, you know, a nice bike.”

    Also, the owner self-identifies as not a bike guy, but as an inventor who prefers tweaking machine guns with titanium plates….

  • Thanks, Mike! Yuck, did she really say that? I hope someone will call in on Brian Lehrer and urge her to stay firm on this issue.

  • While this website obviously focuses on NYC, I’d like to share this:

    It’s great to see public plaza projects spreading out around the country. You may be surprised to learn this, but Sommerville is denser than Boston proper!